Championing the power of authenticity, Sailor Jerry and G-Folk musician, Hak Baker threw parties of a lifetime across UK cities.

Sailor Jerry and Hak Baker are the duo that you need to know. When Sailor Jerry sought to work with an artist who is renowned for their boundless self-expression, Hak Baker was naturally the first artist that came to mind. The proud Eastender is unapologetically himself, challenging social norms through every lyric and note he pens whilst living and breathing his upbringing in the Isle of Dogs.


Titled ‘The Lock In Series’, the rum company and the genre-bending artist threw a series of showstopping parties across the UK’s hottest venues. From Glasgow’s La Cheetah to Liverpool’s The Jacaranda, to London’s Signature Brew, closing with Bristol’s iconic Rough Trade, the event gave attendees the chance to get up close and personal with the ‘man of the people’, Hak, whilst putting on an event that would be etched in the memories of attendees for years to come.


With many partygoers jumped onboard as soon as the series was announced earlier this year, they swiftly took to buying their favourite Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, uploading their receipt in a bid to win a golden ticket to the array of hotly tipped parties. With a selected few winning, the attendees drank the best rum in the game, whilst meeting new people and raving the night away, all whilst being a part of something bigger, with Hak narrating the series being: “not just throwing parties; we’re building a community where people of all backgrounds and experiences are the heroes, and authenticity is our currency.”


Find out what went down in the gallery below.