In collaboration with

  • Words
  • Art Direction and Styling Juju Sheikh
  • Photography Sammy Sosa
  • Hair and Makeup Merveille Mbemba
  • Fashion Assistant Iman Sheikh
  • Model Kirby Akindeinde @ W Model Management
  • Model Portia Prince @ W Model Management
  • Model Fifi Anicah @ Profile Model Management

Stylist Juju Sheikh and photographer Sammy Sosa take streetwear into the country for their new editorial Grand Prix.

Streetwear has become a staple of British fashion and British life. Once the preserve of city kids you’ll find people rocking streetwear in the suburbs and even the countryside in 2018 so ingrained into the national culture has it become. Stylist Juju Sheikh and photographer Sammy Sosa aim to celebrate that fact in their new editorial Grand Prix. Wintery but blessed with splashes of sun, Grand Prix combines British streetwear labels such as Trapstar with the English countryside in a homage to both old and new idea of Britishness.