Samsung has launched Project Plant, a new initiative that plans to inspire the way we select, grow and consume food in small urban spaces, through a farm-to-table pop-up pizzeria.

Over the past year and a half, there has been a pandemic-induced flurry of urban and small space gardening. Those of us who have longingly dreamt of a luscious green garden (or even to sustain herb plants in our kitchen) finally got the chance last year to make it happen.


With our busy lives stripped back and many people spending more time at home than ever before, it’s no wonder that there were an estimated 3 million gardeners born – many belonging to the city-dwelling Urban Gardener set. 


This rise in small space gardening made such an impact that the RHS Chelsea Flower Show created two new categories at this year’s show. Even Selfridges recently debuted a Garden Centre at the Oxford Street store to cater for Londoners looking to bring some lush life into their homes.

Tech innovator Samsung has noticed our newfound love of small space growing and has created a platform that brings the phenomenon to life.

Project Plant is the UK’s first urban farm-to-table pizzeria, provided by the sustainable pizzeria, Purezza. With the new project, Samsung plans to make small space growing even more accessible and re-imagine the future if people took it up more.


With winter around the corner, Project Plant will show how we can all grow in our own homes thanks to technology – bringing light and warmth into dark and cold, unused corners of our homes. Sharing helpful reminders to water plants and the ability to quickly find inspiration for what to grow and how to make plants fit within your living space, the project will also offer online support and resources. 


Project Plant is running 15th – 17th October at the Film Shed in Dalston. Tickets are £5, which includes a drink and slice of pizza. Harvest the toppings yourself from the immersive domes of tomatoes, basil and rocket has been grown by partner GreenLab, and enabled by Samsung’s connected tech platform.