Sarah Close comes through with the video for post-breakup anthem You Say.

Sarah Close is a self-made Spotify sensation. Signed to her own label and with only an EP to her name she’s embarked on a sold-out tour of the UK, topped the viral charts in the UK and proved herself as a pop-star in waiting.


Today, she’s sharing the video for latest single ‘You Say’, a post-breakup anthem for all those times you’ve wished your ex would leave you alone. Co-directed by Close herself, the video sees Sarah in a warehouse, running through her best Flashdance meets Francis and the Lights dance routine.


Speaking about ‘You Say’ Sarah said I wrote this song about someone I met when I first moved to London and drew on my influences from artists such as Haim, Charli XCX and Carole King, with the aim to create a powerful upbeat fun song to celebrate being over someone. I worked very closely with my friend EasyFunn who produced the track and gave it the energy I always imagined.” Watch the video for ‘You Say’ below.

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