Born in Sweden, raised in Oslo, the SASSY 009 sound is a cinematic post-Windows 2000 soundscape, standing with one foot in catchy vocal melodies and the other in a techno rave. We catch up with the artist in Notion 87!

As a self-described 23-year-old ‘food tastes better if it looks good’ type of girl who prefers minor chords, Sassy 009 laughs asleep and lives through her inner world just as much as the real one. Born in Sweden, raised in Oslo, the Sassy 009 sound is a cinematic post-Windows 2000 soundscape, standing with one foot in catchy vocal melodies and the other in a techno rave. “Sassy 009 is the name of my inner universe and has been since I uploaded my first song on the internet—I do not know who I am without her anymore,” Sassy confesses, “It’s the story of how a username stuck with me for longer than I thought when I made it.”

What do you do?

I am adding my life research into what I create, which is mainly songs and sounds. I am also exploring the idea of putting my creative being into other arenas than making music, but it’s definitely music I am gravitating towards as a main source.

What’s the best thing about Oslo?

It’s a cute little capitol surrounded by nature, which is one of the best things for sure, and I think people here have great humour.

Bedroom recording or studio?

Could never choose! This is like choosing between the sun or the moon AKA impossible.

Earliest musical memory?

My mother is a classical violist and my dad a violinist, so I was literally carried to life in the middle of an orchestra. I honestly can’t remember my first musical memory since it has always been a part of my life, just like eating and sleeping.

Last time you cried and why?

I cried a couple of days ago because I was thinking about my grandmother who we lost to Alzheimer’s, and how I hope she knows I love her.

How was high school?

High School was hardcore! I wasn’t prepared for it and I did not enjoy it.

What’s your star sign?

I’m a Cancer with the classsssssic Cancerian personality: cute and emotional, loves deep connections and is holding on to them forever.

Have you ever broken the law?

I am highly consequence orientated so I never take the initiative to do something criminal or sketchy or whatever. I have broken the law before, but I was also close to pissing in my pants while doing it. I cannot stress enough how much that anxiety kills me inside.

What would you call your biography?

‘SASSY 009 and Other Creatures’.

Do you remember the first song you wrote?

The first song I wrote is a song that isn’t about anything really—just a huge contradiction to itself lyrically with a dreamy, sad-ish beat of course. It’s called “Poesi: Sammenhenger” (in English that’s “Poetry: Contexts”).

What’s your process?

I’ve never been a diary writer, but I have a great memory, so I either walk down memory lane or spend some time reflecting on how things are or aren’t to find the core of a narrative I want to build a universe upon. What’s the Big Bang of a potential story? It doesn’t necessarily have to be something lyrical, in fact, it usually isn’t. Could be a synth pad or a simple beat that gets the wheels going.