Dropping his new single 'Save A Life', rising artist VIB channels a heartfelt reminder to appreciate the people who helped raise you.

“Counting your blessings” is a saying that many of us all too easily forget, but for VIB, gratitude lies at the forefront of his music. The Sri Lankan-born artist imbues his music with heartfelt messages and noble lyricism paired with uplifting hip-hop tracks, taking you on an earnest journey through his sentimental narratives that really strike a chord. Titled ‘Save A Life,’ his latest single is an uplifting ode to the women who raised him.


This trailblazer for positivity nurtured his love of music from childhood (picking up guitar and drums at an early age) and has woven this passion into his optimistically melodic hip-hop tracks. He carries this appreciation and positivity into all facets of his life. At only 21 and a full-time medical student, he has an undisputed sense of compassion and care—even founding a charity to help underprivileged children at the age of 11.

With a handful of singles released, we are eager to see what’s next for the artist and ‘Save A Life’ is a tantalising taste of what’s to come. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this concept is at the centre of this release. The track captivates a heartfelt sentiment crafted with a delicious beat, reflecting his love and admiration for the three most influential women in his life: his mum, grandmother and auntie.


This wholesome narrative is brought to life with its zesty drumbeats and luscious poetic cadence. At the centre of his music lies an undeniable commitment to spreading this philanthropy and driving positive change in the world. VIB has garnered attention from BBC Introducing and achieved acclaim with previous releases, including the music video for his single ‘For Robert’. Likewise, the video for his latest release is worthy of a watch, aptly capturing the warmth reflected in his lyrics and his genuine love and admiration for his family.


On the song VIB says, “The main motivation for this track mirrors my motivation for everything I do in this life, which for my Mum, auntie and grandma, my three mums. There have been a lot of people along the way that wished and prayed for us not to make it, for our downfall or for us not to be what we were destined to be. This track for me is from the deepest part of my heart, which is showcasing the wisdom that I received from them to carry myself through life with peace and spreading that peace and love to others.”

Listen to 'Save A Life' now: