Prepare to unleash your inner rebel: dynamic duo brian&matt have dropped their latest track, 'SAY THE WORD'.

‘SAY THE WORD’ emerged from the depths of acoustic jam sessions. The track pulsates with the raw energy of pop-punk, bringing the rebellious spirit of the early 2000s skate-punk era. Drawing inspiration from genre titans such as blink-182 and Good Charlotte, brian&matt seamlessly fuse old-school punk vibes with a contemporary edge.


The instrumental arrangement of ‘SAY THE WORD’ features an interplay of vocals, electric guitar, bass, and drums, perfectly complementing the track’s rebellious ethos. It’s a release that marks an exciting evolution for brian&matt, hinting at a bold new direction for the duo.


In their own words, brian&matt describe their release as “a rebellion against the never-ending pressure to satisfy everyone else’s expectations, neglecting our own happiness in the process. It’s an anthem for those who’ve grown tired of the people-pleasing tug-of-war and yearn to break free. Sometimes, solitude becomes our sanctuary, a refuge where we find the serenity to prioritize our own joy over the demanding chorus of external voices.” So, whether you’re a die-hard pop-punk or just in need of a sonic escape: turn up, tune in and don’t miss out.

Listen to 'SAY THE WORD' now: