In her latest single ‘Say You Love Me’, emerging LA-based artist Sumi X connects with listeners as she comments on loneliness.

In just one year, Sumi X has gone from tech consultant to recording artist, with six singles establishing her unique place in pop music. Her latest track, dropped last month, is ‘Say You Love Me’, a deep-felt pop song which consults matters of human connection in the digital age. 


From just its title, one wouldn’t know that this song makes such profound social commentary, however challenging expectations is not something Sumi X shies away from. Based in LA, the Indian-American artist spent over a decade doing what was expected of her, pursuing a career in tech until 2023 when she found the confidence to follow her own dream. Now the emerging artist is making music for her fellow dreamers, encouraging unashamed self-expression and believing in possibilities that may at first seem unattainable.


Floating above cascading piano melodies and dreamy vocal harmonies, Sumi X sings about the false sense of company social media offers us, heightening the desire for affirmation: ‘Say You Love Me’. The artist shares, “…in a time when we’re all so much more connected than ever through social media, so many of us are lonelier, more anxious and lacking real, meaningful human connection.”

Listen to 'Say You Love Me' now: