Notion has the exclusive preview for Gali Givon's horror-inspired music video.

Israeli artist Gali Givon shot out of the blocks early this year with her debut single “Show Me Love”, which earned her plaudits and fans from across the musical world. Now, she’s ready to follow up that smash success by expanding her repertoire.


Notion has the exclusive preview of one half of a new double single Givon is dropping, “Scared”. It’s a vibrant and effortlessly catchy pop tune that muses on the all-too-common experience of feeling too much for someone. and it’s accompanied by a music video that sees Givon truly get her horror movie kick on.


Beginning with a homage to that iconic Scream opening, the video tells a classic slasher movie story of a poor victim chased by a masked killer – only our protagonist isn’t the one we’re identifying with, but rather the killer.


On the track, she says, “‘Scared was written at a time when I felt like I had two very contradicting sides within me. The one being soft and empathic, and the other- borderline dangerous. It helped me accept what I’ve been feeling for a long time.” 

Watch here: