Scott Pilgrim superfans rejoice, an anime version of the cult classic is coming out on Netflix - with the entire original cast.

The adaptation was announced in January 2022, but news has just landed that the full cast of the 2010 film is back to voice the series. Michael Cera heads the cast list, who took on the lead role as drifting slacker and part-time musician Scott Pilgrim. Alongside Cera, this gen’s favourite manic pixie dream girl Ramona Flowers is returning voiced by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Chris Evans, and Kieran Culkin will also rejoin the star-studded cast.


The film’s original director Edgar Wright, also the mastermind behind Baby Driver, Shaun of the Dead, and Last Night in Soho, is back to executively produce the series. He tweeted about its return, along with a teaser about the accompanying score. In a Twitter response to @ErikDTrick.  he hinted that Anamanaguchi, who soundtracked the Scott Pilgrim video game, will be involved with the series’s score.


Bryan Lee O’Malley, who produced the graphic novels inspiring the film, is also returning to the franchise as an executive producer. O’Malley’s the genius behind the original plot, which follows Pilgrim – a care-free bassist who falls in love with an American delivery girl stroke ninja and must then defeat her seven evil exes. 


Despite the 2010 adaptation’s poor box office performance, partly due to being marketed as a kids’ film, it has since earned status as a cult favourite among a different audience. And the internet’s response to the announcement has proven just how popular the next iteration of the Scott Pilgrim world will be.


Although there’s currently no information about when the adaptation will hit our screens, it’s safe to say that with the whole crew back together, it’s shaping up to be a Wright classic.