Lily Brooke’s commanding track “Scream” exposes Hollywood’s dirty past, out 12th May.

In emerging artist Lily Brooke’s latest track, she pulls back the covers on the seedy practices of Hollywood’s film industry. “Scream” brings attention to the harsh realities both Marilyn Monroe and actors today continue to face. It’s a powerful statement and one which is just as applicable to Hollywood’s golden age, as well as to the mistreatment of women in the industry today. 


Representing part of a new wave of unconventional pop artists, Lily is an emerging musician blending poignant lyrics with playful pop melodies. With a sound reminiscent of Melanie Martinez, for “Scream”, she fuses infectious, upbeat instrumentation with more alternative roots. 


The track makes up part of her upcoming EP, “Hypomaniac”. It’s a reflective offering that delves into how far today’s artists are being pushed. But on a wider scale, it’s about the UK’s mental health crisis – something that more and more people are falling victim to. 


Blending catchy melodies with hard-hitting lyrics, Lily Brooke’s “Scream” is one to listen out for.

Stream the EP below: