Kicking off next weekend, SGP makes a much anticipated return. 

Spearheading the innovation and growth of the ‘boutique festival’, SGP was founded in 2004 by Freddie Fellowes, earning numerous awards including the ‘Best Medium Festival’ in 2011 at the UK Festival Awards and ‘The Outstanding Contribution Award’ for Fellowes in 2017, again at the UFA.
Fellowes has described the festival as being founded on a principle of inclusivity and cultural relevance. The festival’s theme this year is ‘A New Hope’ and, no, it is not in any relation to Star Wars so don’t expect festival goers to be wielding lightsabers and imitating the likes of Jar Jar Binks. ‘A New Hope’ refers to the five year break the festival took from 2017 until making a post-covid return last year. With the perspective of life during COVID and now a cost of living crisis sweeping the nation, Fellowes has expressed his intention to create the festival in the spirit of being a “force for good”. This is done in a myriad of ways, one notable action being the donation of 65% of profits from the entire festival being donated to music-based charities chosen by both artists and audience alike.
Over the four days it runs, the festival promises to fit a plethora of events and activities a creative soul could only dream of. This includes the 10 live music & DJ stages, art installations, and array of food and drink, parades, swimming and so on. The line up promotes a stacked cast of retro favourites including Underworld, The Libertines, Roisin Murphy, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Peaches, Leftfield and countless more, boasting an impressive collection of genres with an emphasis on 90s EDM and techno all the way to indie and alternative rock, truly enabling there to be something for everyone. Get your tickets here.

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