Georgia Chanel’s new release, “SEKHMET” harnesses the healing powers of its namesake Egyptian goddess, out 19th May.

Sekhmet was the Egyptian goddess of war and healing, a chaotic ruler who threatened the existence of humanity, within mythology. In an attempt to analogise a relationship with a power imbalance and the emotions that follow, emerging artist Georgia Chanel fell upon the deity for inspiration. “I knew I wanted something to metaphor the absolute anger I felt that I had been treated this way”, Georgia begins to explain of her latest single, “She fascinated me, as she was the goddess of war and healing which is a complete juxtaposition. It truly felt like this situation had resulted in war when it should have gone the other way.”


Candid and alluring, the track marks a fresh direction and a newfound energy for the artist. Traversing genres, it’s an empowering message of resilience and inner healing – made more atmospheric with her mellifluous vocals. 


Looking back at the life experiences from which she derives her music, the Midlands-born, London-based musician’s musical journey began at 15. She grew up in a small town with minimal opportunities, with her first taste of stardom being in a class band. Alongside the help of a band manager and a government scheme, the small group was given the opportunity to perform professionally across the region. Later, with ambition in full flow, she relocated to London for music school and released her first two R&B-infused tracks, “Audrey Hepburn” and “Realise” with collaborator, KamiKwazi.


After a life-changing discovery which heavily influenced her sound, Georgia’s musical output now carries more meaning than ever before. Juxtaposing uplighting melodies with profound lyrics, her story seeks to resonate with new listeners. Channelling healing, and self-discovery, Georgia Chanel is one to have on your radar for 2023. 

Listen now: