Returning recently with a self-titled EP, singer-songwriter-DJ A Little Sound selects 10trax full of her favourite DnB bangers, from Hybrid Minds to Goldie.

"Tidal Wave" by Sub Focus and Alpines

"I chose this track to start the list, as it takes me into a proper state of euphoria. 2013 was slap bang in the middle of my secondary school years and I was just figuring out which music I was into. The combination of Dubstep and DnB from Sub Focus definitely hit a sweet spot, especially after the 2011 release of 'Bangerang' from Skrillex."

"Perfect Storm" by DJ Zinc

"Next, I chose a recent release from the legend DJ Zinc as this track just does something to me. Whether it’s the unnatural chord progressions, or the sweet sweet harmonies, the simplicity of this one hits differently. Does my body want to chill and embrace goosebumps? or get up and dance? With such contrasting lyrics/emotions, this song makes me feel in so many kinds of ways."

"Freaks" by Dr Meaker, Cappo D and Sharlene Hector

"This one brings a whole new meaning to drum and bass for me. Dr Meaker and his live band have taken electronic dance music to another level and that’s what makes this track perfect in so many ways. From the incredibly well written toplines, to the intricate orchestral instrumentation, no one is doing live DnB quite like this anymore. From a musical theatre background and love for live music, the scene definitely lacks its live elements and listening to this one fills the gap for now."

"I Adore You" by Goldie

"This one makes me feel soppy and in love like no other. I first connected with Goldie’s ‘I Adore You’ in the few weeks after meeting my boyfriend, and it will always represent such a special time for us. I can picture it as our first dance song at our (hopefully, fingers crossed) future wedding, so if that doesn’t say something about this beautiful tune, then I don’t know what does."

"Love Ain’t Just A Word" by Rudimental, Anne-Marie and Dizzee Rascal

"Without realising it at the time, this was one of the songs that had previously inspired me to write toplines for Drum and Bass. After seeing Rudimental live at Boardmasters 2016, I aspired to follow in the footsteps of Anne-Marie who performed an incredible live performance of this track and appeared to be having the time of her life. An absolute gamechanger!"

"Touch" by Hybrid Minds ft. Tiffani Juno

"Like many others in the scene, this one also has a special place in my heart. After choosing to move to Bristol in 2018 to study music, I also found myself in the depths of the rave scene and ‘Touch’ featured heavily at almost every event I attended at the time. Hearing Tiffani Juno (Catching Cairo) and her extremely powerful songwriting/vocal topline sparked an indescribable excitement in me and I began to test out writing to 160-180bpm."

"Eli Eli" by Misun (Maduk Remix)

"This song represents the epitome of how the British summer time makes me feel. The sun setting at a festival into twilight, that’s what this song feels like. It reminds me of the indie/rock bands I used to listen to on the cliffs of Newquay at Boardmasters, combined with my favourite dance genre and it’s a dream combination."

"Never Get Enough" by Phibes

"I just had to mention this one, as it’s featured in my set since its release in 2021. If you’ve been to one of my sets, then you’ll have heard that the duo PHIBES heavily feature throughout. There’s just something so addictive about their unique sound that I can’t get enough of and this one in particular doubles with just about anything! It also dropped on the label I represent Born on Road and it just fits so perfectly."

"Deep" by TC and Jakes

"This one may have dropped when I was seven years old, but my god does it feel ageless! ‘Deep’ has blessed my ears continuously since I started attending raves and it never fails to fill me with serotonin. Having met the talented Jakes in Bristol and discovering what an incredible human he is, this track managed to level up even more. I will be shouting 'DEEP TITANIC' to my grave."

"Couple Guinness (VIP)" by Selecta J Man and Suku

"I had to tie this all together by bringing you a track that I feel encapsulates Bristol’s underground sound to a T. Produced by my Born on Road brother Selecta J-Man, Couple Guinness has taken over raves across the country this year. I’ve never heard so many ravers sing the words back to a DJ, and for that reason, it had to be mentioned."

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