Going from veterinary training and a Cambridge degree to having his song played on Radio 1, rising producer Anish Kumar chooses 10trax with 'hooks that stand the test of time'.

"Big Bird" by Eddie Floyd

"Really kicks off my day, and this playlist. Eddie Floyd paved the way for so many soul units I love, a legend."

"I Can't Do Without You" by George Jackson

"Short and snappy, but still makes you wait for that infectious hook. This tune doesn't give you any more than it needs to and that's a philosophy I try to abide by for my own music."

"Big Top" by Doug Hream Blunt

"A departure from the succinct, this enigma of a tune from Doug Hream Blunt whistles away using the same 2 chords for four minutes. Still - there's something that keeps me coming back to it, maybe it's the strained vocal delivery, maybe it's the tedious yet hypnotic recorder. Love it."

"Saat Samundar Paar, Pt.1" by Udit Narayan

"A perfect marriage between the screeching strings & vocals of classic Bollywood and an infectious Pet Shop Boys sample. In fact, this song would make a great sample in its own right..."

"Is It True" by Brenda Lee

"Brenda Lee has a voice that explodes with equal parts joy and brawn, earning her the nickname 'Little Miss Dynamite'. This song epitomises what I love about a great hook - and the part I'm referring to isn't even the hook."

"Turnin' My Heartbeat Up" by The M.V.P's

"A Northern Soul classic. It has the energy and explosiveness that is characteristic of Northern Soul, and one day I hope I write a song like this."

"Thinking of You" by Sister Sledge

"This song to me is the essence of dance music. It's just undeniable, what else is there to say?"

"Crazy Love, Vol. II" by Paul Simon

"My favourite from the Graceland album. There's something really sad about this song, yet hopeful, something Paul Simon really nails in his writing."

"Long After Tonight Is All Over" by Jimmy Radcliffe

"I couldn't resist but to place another Northern Soul tune on this list - a slow one this time. My favourite Northern Soul song by far - it sounds so enchanting and makes me think of Christmas. And I love Christmas."

"Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)" by The Delfonics

"This song was one of those instant melters, I want it played at my wedding. An end credits kind of track!"

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