DJ-producer-radio broadcaster Anja Schneider selects us 10 timeless dance tracks made strictly for the dancefloor.

"Sweet Harmony" by Liquid

I’ve always loved the positive vibes from raves back in the beginning of the ‘90s. This is also what started my love for breaks .

"Passion" by Gat Decor - Naked Mix

This one reminds me of when I moved to Berlin to explore techno, which was new at the time. We partied in old warehouses and the music was influenced by sounds from Chicago and Detroit.

“What’s a Girl to Do” by Fatima Yamaha

For me, this is one of the most emotional and sexy tracks; I cannot get enough of it.

"IZA" by Map.ache

This track is for my most home sick moments on tour.

"Intuition" by K-Hand

In loving memory of this great talent, and of course, with so much respect for Detroit and all woman in the music industry.

"Love Story" by Layo & Bushwacka!

This is the greatest dance track of all time. An absolute classic that's now remixed by one of my favourites, Special Request. Goosebumps alert!

“You Need The drugs” by Westbam, Richard Butler (&ME Remix)

This is one of the best closing tracks ever. It’s so Berlin! I’ve never heard another remix which is so on point. The vibe, arrangement, flow and even the meaning and vocals are so meaningful and touching.

“Blackwater” by Octave One, Ann Saunderson

I need this track on every day. I'd say it changed my life.

“Like This” by William Kiss

I will always love the dancefloor; you can't get me away!

“The Good , the Bad & the Acid” by Anja Schneider

This is a track I’m really proud of. It’ll get you back to the dancefloor; it’s groovy, dark, minimal and techy. I hope you like it.

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