The Bafta EE Rising Star nominee offers up a revealing #10Trax edit.

By this point, you’re probably well acquainted with actor Barry Keoghan. His impressive CV already boasts some major flicks, including Yorgos Lanthimos‘s Killing of a Sacred Deer and Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk, and he’s now been nominated for a BAFTA EE Rising Star Award, which has previously been picked up by Tom Hardy, Daniel Kaluuya and Jack O’Connell, to name a few. There’s no denying that he’s fast becoming Hollywood’s new man of the moment.


We set Keoghan the task of selecting his ultimate 10Trax, and it proved to be a very enlightening experience.

"Patiently Waiting" by 50 Cent

“I was listening to this track at the gym when I heard about my nomination for the EE Rising Star Award and I guess the irony about that moment is that I was and still am patiently waiting for my break!”

"The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

“It’s a great track because it’s all about that cool hand of not showing too much, just like acting”

"Baba O’Reilly" by The Who

“I was shown that on American Animals and now it reminds me of being on set filming the movie. When I hear the song, it takes me back.”

"Lucky Man" by The Verve

“This song is special to me because it is a song that reminds me of my uncle who lived in London. He played it in the house when I was growing up”

"Supersonic" by Oasis

"“So hard to choose one song from this band. I’m a huge fan of Oasis in general, it takes me back to that growing up thing again, my uncle always played them in the house. These lads have an Irish background. They remind me of the working-class era where I’m from. They are important to me because they inspired me to be myself, especially Liam Gallagher, he reminded me to always be myself, to always stay true to me.”

"A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis

"This is special to me because it was my mother’s favourite song. It was used over a sequence I was in during American Animals, I had no idea it would be used. It was a song she used to play when me and my brother would visit her. Bart [director Bart Layton], had no idea either he just picked that song. I guess it was like a hello from her”.

"Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Frank Sinatra

“He’s the baddest man in the whole goddam town - Frank Sinatra reminds me of my grandad. He was a dockland man, he worked on the water front. Any Sinatra song reminds me of that”

"Plastic Jesus" by Paul Newman

"Again, this song has an important meaning to me. Paul Newman sings this at the point his mother dies in cool hand Luke. This film and song mean a lot to me because they showed me that it was important to be able to let your guard down.”

"Beautiful Day" by U2

“I live by Crow Park, and I remember we couldn’t get into Crow Park as lads, kids, so we would sit on the canal underneath and listen to the concert blaring. I remember hearing that song and just having such a good time”

"Lose Yourself" by Eminem

“I guess the song just reminds me of the build to that ‘rise’. It is a track which reminds you to always feel the constant hunger and motivation during acting. It especially reminds me of the importance of that humbleness that you must have. It also reminds me that you should only have a plan A”