Prolific singer-songwriter and producer, Benny Sings, has announced his new album ‘Music’, full of soothing and solace vibrations. He picks 10Trax for Notion that inspired it.

Having worked with the likes of Rex Orange County (with whom Benny co-wrote and performed on the platinum single, “Loving Is Easy”) as well as Goldlink, Cornelius, Mayer Hawthorne and Mac DeMarco, Benny Sings has crafted a sophisticated and easy to fall in love with sound, making him the ultimate songwriter’s songwriter, with a formidable solo career.


Following the success of his 2019 Stones Throw Records debut, ‘City Pop’ (which amassed over 15 million streams), Benny has been teasing his newest project ‘Music’ for a while. The title track was released early last year, where Benny performed live on a rare return appearance to NPR’s Tiny Desk, with a (Home) Concert this summer. His equally groovy track ‘Rolled Up’ featuring Mac DeMarco also blessed our ears at the end of 2020.


Now, Benny has unveiled his latest song, ‘Nobody’s Fault’ featuring Tom Misch. Benny states that the lyrics to the new track are about a person who, after being rejected, responds rationally, rather than in an emotional or sad way. “Therein lies an extra sadness for me: it’s more sad to see a person falling, and saying ‘I’m alright!’ than someone lying on the ground and crying. The guitar solo at the end is by Tom Misch. I’m a big fan of his music, so was very excited he wanted to join me on the song”.


To celebrate the release of ‘Music’, out 9th April, Benny Sings has chosen 10Trax for Notion that have directly inspired his new album, the collaborators he worked with and some of his favourite tunes of theirs.

'The Light' by Pharaohe Monch

"Trip down memory lane. Remember this was the kind of hip-hop that made me want to make Benny Sings music. I wanted these hip-hop choruses, and then make real songs out of them, instead of rapping the verses. That was the start of it all. Trying to return to that a bit on 'Here It Comes', a song that will be on my the new album."

'So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings' by Caroline Polacheck

"This is music that uses a lot of 80’s pop music clichés but then makes it better. Goes deeper production wise, and also has more unexplainable magic, lyrically and vocally. Very impressed by the video as well. So personal and unique. Just a banger."

'What’s Luv? (feat. Ashanti)' by Fat Joe

"Put the fucking mic on!! And that’s it, you’re there. This beat is still one of the best beats ever. You can turn this so loud without it ever becoming messy. So tight."

'Feeling Like I Like (feat. Liliana Andrade)' by Mocky

"Music that goes to the place where I love to go in my music as well. Fun, harking back to 70’s 80’s Yacht rock. Mocky didn't make the new album this time, but we’re working on new stuff as we speak! Very blessed that Renaud Letang (who mixed this song, and all Mocky’s work, including Feist, Jamie Lidell etc.) mixed my new album again. Always gives so much extra to the music."

'Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton)' by BENEE

"Man this is just everything I want from music. It just gets to me, makes me wanna move. Soooo catchy. Love that particular bass slap. I always love it when I’m into mainstream young people's music. Doesn’t happen that much anymore. Excited to see it still can."

'Remind Me' by Emily King

"Love this anthem. Once that beat kicks in it’s …. Boom. Emily King is an artist which I’ve always loved. Very excited to have a song with her coming on the new album."

'Nobody' by Mac Demarco

"It’s so hard to make soft music that hits you hard, with the minimum amount of ingredients. This song is the perfect example. No samples no nothing, just a perfect composition, played and recorded the right way. Hope to get there some day. Very awesome we got to work together on this album on the track 'Rolled Up'."

'Both Sides Now (2000 version)' by Joni Mitchell

"This song is lying on your mother’s lap, when you fell and feel like crying a bit. I play this song on loop sometimes, whenever it’s needed :) Make sure it’s the version with the orchestra. The older version is where she sings it as a young girl. Very pretentious haha. It gets true meaning when she sings it decades later, as an older woman, looking back. Chills."

'...Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears

"Britney and Max Martin on their best. Again the slap bass. Can’t resist that."

'Every Hour (Sunday Service Choir)' by Kanye West

"Man that Sunday Service inspired me sooo much. I sometimes lose track on what music actually is when listening to music that’s made nowadays. But then something like this comes along and you immediately understand. Oh yeah: this is what music is. Always been inspired by gospel. Psyched to have worked with Peter Cottontale and his gospel choir on this new album."

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