Stars of new YouTube show BETA SQUAD offer up their ultimate 10Trax suggestions.

The Big Brother of YouTube is here! Well, kinda! As part of a massive new project by Studio71, five unique and well-respected YouTube bloggers will pack their bags and move into a state-of-the-art London home for 12 months of blissful collaborative content creation rolled out across all of your fave apps. Starring Chunkz, Niko Omilana, King Kenny, AJ Shabeel and Sharky, the project is the biggest of it’s kind ever completed with a UK production company, and offers the start of something ultra unique when it comes to influencer obsession.

Whilst we’re excited to soak up the inevitable creative chaos, it’s important to remember that the BETA SQUAD project is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on five incredible BAME talents who are often overlooked and under-represented in the mainstream media. Together, they will explore a realm of topics to music and fashion to gaming and comedy.

Studio71’s Managing Director tells us of the project: “The launch of BETA SQUAD is our biggest creator investment to date. We are excited to experiment with a new reality concept that challenges the creative potential of online content while opening up exciting opportunities for brands and partners. At a time when many online brands are struggling to prove commercial viability, we’re doubling down on our successful formula.”

Needless to say we’ll be hooked…


"Chanel" by Frank Ocean

"I listen to this song at least five times a day. A masterpiece by the most talented artist of our generation. Pure alpha"

"Malibu Sleep" by Col3trane

"I picked this song because it’s by an London artist who’s still relatively underground and I think he’s gonna breakout very soon so I just wanna be able to let people know I’ve been supporting him from early hehe"


"Vibranium" by Chunkz x Neji

"This is my own song so it obviously means a lot to me. It's the first song I've ever done and it got me signed to Island Records which is a huge accomplishment."

"Islands" by Yung Fume

"A song I've recently discovered which I feel as I can relate to. The chorus 'I'm doing this shit with my team, they think that I'm living a dream' I feel married well with my life right now."


"Netflix" by G-Eazy ft. Cults

"Listening back to this song just makes me smile - it's my YouTube channel outro music. This is the theme song to my entire channel."

"Little Brother" by King Kenny

"This song reminds me of my childhood. At night I close my eyes and lay down listening to this song. It connects to me on a personal level and I would go far as to call it an inspiration."


"Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson

"This was the song I heard as a kid that got me into music. He will forever be the greatest entertainer of all time."

"Consequences" by Caleborate

"I found out him about when he used to spam the YouTube comments self promoting on popular music videos. Seeing him progress as an artist in inspiring, every track he drops gets better and better."


"Left Her" by AJ

"First song I’ve created so this will always be a big memory for me!"

"The Way Life Goes" by Lil Uzi Vert

"The song is literally called “The way life goes” ???"