Billy Lemos picks 10Trax for Notion as he shares his debut album 'Wonder'.

Born in Iowa but now based in Chicago, producer/artist Billy Lemos refuses to be boxed in with his music.


Featuring notable collabs from Still Woozy, Danny Dwyer, MTMBO, Jonah Mutono, Lava La Rue, Monsune, and more, Billy’s debut album ‘Wonder’ is a 10-track journey of eclectic miniatures.


On the project, Billy explained: “’Wonder’ is the result of over two years of constant curation and production towards one cohesive project. I wanted to create something that had zero filler; a collection of songs that densely packed ideas spanning multiple genres and styles. Working on the album has been a far more rewarding process than just pushing out single after single. Despite the constant pressure against traditional albums from the industry and move toward playlist-ready releases, making this album was exactly what I needed. This album would be nothing without the contributions of every artist involved”.


Dive into Billy’s 10Trax below!

"Stone" by Haich Ber Na

"The production on this song is constantly shifting direction and goes places you wouldn’t expect it to".

"Crush" by Jai Paul

"This one’s a bit of a cult classic, love how Jai is constantly throwing weird, glitchy stutters into his tracks".

"Fruitflies" by Gabriel Garzón-Montano

"A beautiful song, full of detailed percussion and really distinct vocals that I was obsessed with".

"Water" by Sudan Archives

"Love the drums and the ambient vocals on this, probably my favourite Sudan Archives track".

"Fragile" by Ecco2k

"Every second of this song is so glossy and perfect".

"Power Freaks" by Jean Dawson

"This is one of the most interesting songs I’ve heard in the past few years and has an incredible, must-watch music video tied to it".

"Nervous" by Jonah Yano & BADBADNOTGOOD

"I discovered Jonah Yano’s music when this song came out and have not stopped listening for a second. Incredible songwriting and really unique production choices".

"Shovel Moonlight" by Vicktor Taiwo

"Taiwo’s whole album was incredible and this really stood out to me as one of my favourites on it".

"No Romance" by Tirzah

"Truly ahead of her time, Tirzah and Mica Levi are some of my biggest influences and everything they make is gold".

"Clenched Teeth" by Okay Kaya

"Something about the vocal performance on this song always gives me chills. Very soothing and intimate music".

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