Black Honey's Izzy Bee Phillips offers us a dating guide for your emotionally unstable love interest, in the form of ten song selections.

“OK” by Black Honey

"This song’s just dropped and it’s romantic but in a nuanced way. So it will go well with your romantic evening if you’re in those deep feels."

“Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed

"Pour your date some red wine and wear some feather boas around the house so you can keep it lo-fi before your evening takes a feral turn."

“Deadly Valentine” by Charlotte Gainsbourg

"This one is for flavour and building excitement. Where you put on your lipstick."

“Fell In love With A Girl” by The White Stripes

"Get on the table and get feral with a whisky sour."

“20th Century Boy” by T. Rex

"Pull on your platforms and stomp around the city. Your lover will be so turned on by this."

“Woman” by Little Simz

"Just when you seem to be settling in for a retro vibe for the night, here’s a curveball worthy for any dating plot twist in my opinion."


"The moment in the evening where you realise you both are slightly 'clash-y' but also well-matched star signs and ultimately have the same needs. Yeah, you both see the red flags but this is really fun."

“Debaser” by Pixies

"Enough witchery back to carnage. Head shaking and a cheeky tequila."

“Feels Right” by Biig Piig

"Hand-in-hand on your way home. A messy kiss but lots of intuition."

“Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers

"It’s probably late by this point so you need to match the soft vibe with some poetic verse as the night fades into a rainbow glowy haze…"

Watch the video for Black Honey’s new release below: