Bru-C selects 10Trax for Notion with that ideal summer festival vibe, from Alchemist to Nia Archives to TS7.

In a period where it’s been harder than ever to link up as a community, Bru-C has found himself as a linchpin. Born in Derbyshire and based in Nottingham, the rising star of dance music has become a big name through the pandemic, with his tenacious and playful approach exemplified by his canny promotion of his new song “Freedom” last summer: blasting it through an ice cream van’s speakers as a crowd of football fans celebrated the Euros.


He has remained tethered to his hometown even as his star rises, becoming the first rapper from the local area to sell out Rock City and then doing it three times over. Family is at the centre of his music, with Bru-C constantly paying tribute to the people who have gotten him to where he is, and refusing to forget his roots.


Collecting high-profile collaborators where he goes, and building his status as an exuberant and likeable presence in whatever creative guise he chooses, Bru-C’s name is set to only get bigger and bigger, even as he remains a proud product of where he came from.


To celebrate his new single “Paradise”, Bru-C to picked 10Trax that bring in the summer vibes. Turn it up!

"Paradise (Alchemist Remix)" by Bru-C

"Obviously one of my own songs that has been remixed by Alchemist, I feel like he's just given it the edge that everyone's summer needs, vibes, nice likkle melody but it's a naughty one as well."

"Gold Dust (Bou & Used Remix)" by DJ Fresh

"The original is an anthem and has been filling dance floors for over a decade now and this remix has really given it a new life, I really like it."

"Down Under" by Luude (feat. Colin Hay)

"If you aren't hearing this at festivals this year, then you're at the wrong festivals. This one is taking over the UK this summer."

"Stan Smith" by Alchemist & Coco

"Another Alchemist tune here, I feel like he's really making moves at the moment. This one has an absolute vibe, a big representation of UK music."

"Selecta (VIP Mix)" by Danny Byrd & D Double E

"This one is just an absolute bass line special, I just wanna be next to a big sound system at a festival and hear this one thumping out and absolutely shaking ear drums you know one of them!"

"18 & Over" by Nia Archives

"Just picturing myself crawling out of the tent in the morning, sun's shining and you can just hear a tune like this banging out middle of the day vibes, you're just getting ready to get back into the madness of the festival."

"Balling" by Vibe Chemistry

"This one is just a wavy one man, big up Vibe Chemistry he is doing bits at the moment, he's absolutely smashed this one, this is a night time special."

"Slow Down" by TS7

"Literally slowed it down for this one, away from the drum and bass tempo, just a nice little house tune, get me cocktails in the sunshine - holiday vibes."


"As it says in the lyrics, you get me - we are just living our best life, misbehaving and doing what we do best in Britain and that's what this song says to me."

"Used To This" by Wilkinson (feat. Issey Cross)

"I feel like this is the end of the night, lights in the air Sunday evening, you've had an amazing weekend and you're seeing the last moments of the festival (BRRRRP)."