Rising Leeds-based DJ and producer Buckley selects us 10 essential ‘DJ tools’ on rotation on his USB right now.

'Young Mighty' by Aloka

This hasn’t left my USB since it came out, it’s pretty much the definition of a DJ tool - you can play it in pretty much any set and it always goes down well.

'V-Dub' by DE-TÜ

Probably my favourite dubstep producers. I was torn between a few of their tunes, but I’ve been playing this the most recently. It mixes really seamlessly with a lot of sounds, and just packs a lot of punch when it drops in.

'CD Is Dead' by French II

Such a good recognisable sample, and really interesting, clean production - blurs the line nicely between garage and its adjacent sounds, and the outro vocal loops really nicely to blend into whatever you’re feeling next.

'Hot Take' by Mia Koden

Mia Koden has a few tunes that I could have included in this list, but feel this is the most versatile - it blends with pretty much anything, and has lots of nice transitions and switches for mixing. The vocal sounds so good blended with anything as well.

'Zinedine Zidane' by Vaudeville Smash ft. Les Murray

This is a bit of a curveball, but always gets a mix of either people going mental or looking confused and not dancing.

'Love Parade 98' by Siu Mata

Another prime club tool, this mixes with pretty much anything, and the instantly recognisable sample teased in across the intro always gets people going!

'Play Your Corner' by Wen ft. Riko Dan

I could include so many of Wen’s productions in here, and also pretty much any of the remixes of this tune, but felt this one takes the crown. It always gets a good response throughout the tune - with Riko coming in a bar late on the first 16, and then switching up on the second 16, and then switching up again two minutes in. I’ve made a more two-steppy edit of this, but still often fit the original into my sets.

'Skank (Holloway VIP)' by Benga

Such a good flip of such a seminal tune. It’s really simple, easy to chop into anything and always has an impact. Also switches to halftime towards the end making it a good tool for blending between genres.

'Rate Us (Big Kani Edit)' by Killa P

Just a really weighty, versatile tune, and it’s a free download! It switches up to halftime towards the end, and mixes really nicely between pretty much anything.

'Ring Ring' by Fonzo ft. Capo Lee

This is a new tune to my USB, but won’t be leaving for a long time! There’s a few Fonzo bits in my current sets, but this is my favourite to mix at the moment - it blends with all sorts, has such a catchy vocal from Capo, and is just a perfect club tool.