The new boy wonder, Cautious Clay, invites us in for a personal jack-in-the-box playlist that perfectly embodies this soul-makers spirit.

Let me introduce you to Cautious Clay, a musical jack of all trades, who graces you with ethereally, soul-jazz infused production and lyrics so magnetic that they make you feel as though you’re engaging in a heart-to-heart. 


From touring world-wide and collaborating with the likes of John Mayer, Omar Apollo and Aluna George to having songs featured in ‘Insecure’, ‘13 Reasons Why’ and now EA Sports’ FIFA 20, it comes as no surprise as to why Cautious Clay is rising to the top.


Following the release of the EP, ‘Table of Context’ earlier this year, which featured a collaboration with rising star UMI; the talent has returned with a new single, ‘Erase’. 


In a world bombarded with likes and meme-like faces, shares and reactions, Cautious’ ‘Erase’ calls us to wipe the slate clean and start living in the moment, by consciously connecting with others IRL. 


With a Tiny Desk Concert under his belt,  and a performance in London’s Village Underground on Tuesday we can’t wait to see what Cautious Clay gets up to next! Let’s see what gets his creative juices flowing.

"Another New Day" by Jazzanova

"This was my first experience with a group that really extended the possibilities of what jazz could do for me from an arrangement perspective. There is a lot of sample based stuff but also free form solos that were very inspiring to me."

"Woof Woof" by ARTHUR

"This song is super visual for me starting out with a sample from some sort of National Geographic sound bite. The song is kinda light and funny but also reflective and unabashedly aware of itself."

"Jazz Crimes" by Joshua Redman

"I saw a live version of this on YouTube and it changed how I thought about time and melody in music."

"Ultimaybe" by 1010 Benja SL

"This song is a feeling/sentiment of being indecisive. I always liked the mix and how you can hear every part of what’s going on."

Poetry by The RH Factor

"This song is just a place and time for me. One of my favourites growing up."

"Steal My Sunshine" by Len

"This is a similar sentiment to the last song but different time period. I always feel like I am at a baseball game whenever I hear this but I don’t really like baseball games so I would always remember this as song as being a defining positive moment for me."

"Penitentiary Philosophy" by Erykah Badu

"This was one of my favourite songs on Mama's Gun and it’s also the first song on the album, such a dynamic track."

"Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back)" by Maceo And The Macks

"Very dope arrangement and intro just a classic funk record that shouldn’t be overlooked."

"Wichita Lineman" by Glen Campbell

"I feel like it’s just a perfect string and guitar arrangement for a perfectly written song. There is even a cool bass guitar solo in it."

"Nights Over Egypt" by The Jones Girls

"I heard a crazy story about how this song was made... Dexter Wansel, the producer of the song, wrote it out completely before he ever heard, it which was mind boggling to me. I love this arrangement and intro because it so fresh and unexpected."

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