DJ and Amapiano aficionado Charisse C selects 10 South African dancefloor jams that inspired EVERGREEN, her debut EP.

'Gong Gong 2.0' by Thuto The Human, Kwiish SA, C'Buda M

This song is a remake of an Amapiano classic by Kwiisha SA that came out in 2019, and a current staple in my sets. Thuto The Human is an exciting and refreshing Amapiano producer, whose 2023 rendition of 'Iskathi (Gong Gong)' breathes a new, familiar and yet future facing, life into the song.

'The Magnificent Dance' by Thazkin

This song put both Thakzin and 3 Step on the map. It had been circulating for a while, sparking a lot of interest and curiosity. I remember hearing Mörda play the song and doing a live edit by chopping up the stems at Vaal River Sundays in South Africa, and being completely taken!

'Love You Tonight' by MFR Souls ft DJ Maphorisa, Sha Sha, Kabza De Small

Sha Sha's entry into Amapiano as a vocalist was groundbreaking. This timeless love song is truly a forever song and one of the notable global hits. One thing that stands out is how Sha Sha professes her love in English, Shona, Zulu and Tswana, touching a range of cultures through language and creating a sense of connectivity. Which is... love!

'Ree's Vibe' by Griffit Vigo

A Gqom classic! This track, released in 2018 is still so poignant, unique and future-facing. Kamo Mphela and her dancers have a crazy choreography for this song which still features in her performances today.

'Wrecking Basslines' by PYY Log Drum King, Charisse C

PYY Log Drum King and I released this song in 2022; it was my first ever release and feels truly ahead of its time, if I do say so myself. There has never been a time that I've played it and it hasn't shaken the dancefloor, which is why it's called 'Wrecking Bassline.'

'Project Possessed' by DJ Zodi, Khao SA

Timeless classics for me, are made by artists who were not afraid to release something outside of the status quo. This heavy hitter is straight moody, with its dark percussion. Amapiano went into a wave where this style of production became super popular with songs like 'Mob Ties' and 'The Fxckin Injury' taking over global dancefloors.

'Freak Like Me' (Kreative Nativez & Tega Remix) by Adina Howard

It's been four years, and I don't know if this song will ever leave my setlist, it is the perfect combination of everything I love and an undeniable hit on almost any dancefloor. You can never deny the power of a really good remix.

'Horns In The Sun' (Thakzin Remix) by DJ Kent ft Mo-T, Brenden Praise, Morda

DJ Kent is an OG in South African house music. The original 'Horns In The Sun' was already a beautiful piece of music; the remix project gave it extra wings, with Thakzin's 3 step rendition taking the world by storm. I love the sing-along moment, it's pure bliss and euphoria.

'iPlan' by Dlala Thukzin, Zaba & Sykes

Dlala Thukzin! 'Horns In The Sun' and 'iPlan' have been rocking side by side, really cementing 3 step as the sound of the summer. 'iPlan' is such a heartfelt song, about a love that will always overcome despite financial and economic limitations that may stand in its way.

'Morning Sun' by Charisse C, DJ Kwamzy

This song is from my debut EP, EVERGREEN, which is out now! Written and sung by me, produced by Kwamzy, inspired by the rays that flood into my bedroom when I'm in Johannesburg, 'Morning Sun' is my take on 3 step and a song that I believe to be a future classic.

Listen to Charisse C's debut EP Evergreen now: