Alt-folk quartet Darlingside take you on a musical journey with their 10Trax playlist, spanning Sylvan Esso to Sufjan Stevens.

"Maybe I’ll Go Nowhere" by Ethan Gruska

I’m in a snow globe and I can hear my heartbeats loud outside of myself and as I walk around I stir things up and change what season it is.

"Rooftop Dancing" by Sylvan Esso

We’re in the city and it is the perfect spring temperature and everyone’s coming out of hibernation and the mild cacophony is a relief and a spark all at once.

"The Crab / Waterbaby" by Tiny Ruins

I am “goddamn permeable” seeing through these eyes into a vivid scene at the shore filled with wonder and disorder and desire to find a place in it.

"Every Age" by José González

I’m inside a thundery echoing chamber of quiet ambition, thinking about a better time ahead and it feels good but the thinking is also, what keeps me inside the cave?

"anything" by Adrianne Lenker

I'm lying in bed, in a cabin, and the birds and forest are waking up but I don’t have to be anywhere and I let the thoughts race by without trying to control them for once.

"Should Have Known Better" by Sufjan Stevens

I’ve fallen asleep writing a journal entry and wake up to read it many years later; now I’m reliving the whole world of that earlier day and feeling more forgiving of my past self than before.

"Lost In A Dream" by Foxwarren

The title says it: I am lost in a dream and it is sometimes a beautiful one but often deeply unsettling too. The dream plays out on a medium-sized community theatre stage where the lighting is somehow impossibly professional.

"Wayside" by Courtney Hartman and Taylor Ashton

I’m in the living room of an old wooden house with old friends sitting on stools trading stories. I’m not sure exactly what a hearth is but I believe it is involved here.

"The Way I Feel Inside" by The Zombies

I start out in an empty high school auditorium decades ago but accompaniment arrives half way through from behind the old red curtains!

"Scenic World" by Beirut

In a marching band of friends (potentially all of whom are versions of me) and we’re ambling around commiserating and celebrating our common feelings of despair, which gives us hope and keeps us slowly putting one foot in front of the other.