DJ, radio and producer duo Daughters of Frank - AKA sisters Ruby and Lily - select us 10 tracks that represent the musical freedom and sweaty hedonism of their party night, Serenade.

'Come Over 2 My Place' by Joshua

Ruby: I have this on vinyl and it's a bit of an enigma. This edit is so groovy and deep, it’s a Serenade classic.

'Words 2B Heard Meets Planetary Funk Alert' by Seba & MC Conrad

Lily: This gives me shivers every time. It's 10 minutes long too; let it roll out and enjoy MC Conrad's guidance.

'U Kno How I’m Feelin’' by LUZ1E

Ruby: This track is just sunshine, rainbows and magic. Play it at a festival on a sunny evening and it’s mood is just complete perfection.

'Whonleeone' by Mr. De’

My favourite edit of Floetry’s 'Say Yes'. The original is widely admired amongst electronic music heads and Mr.De’s version is so fun to play.

'High With U' by DJ SWISHA

Lily: DJ SWISHA always has something new coming out and I jump on his releases every time. I love a juke influence, and his tunes are always party ready.

'Garden of E10' by LCY

Ruby: I had to select a deep and dark one from LCY. With every release LCY just provides so much feeling in the club.

'Donell Jones (What's Up - Jersey tool)' by Jaymie Silk

Lily: A very decent edit of an R&B classic, they’re so overdone these days but this one shines through.

'The Way' by J Wax

Such a nice end of set vibey number. I love the originality of this one and how it can just slide right in with so many other tracks.

'What's Your Name (MJ Cole Master Mix)' by Angel Lee

Lily: A classic! I can’t take credit for finding this one though - my mate showed it to me and I’ve now officially overplayed it, but handing it over to the reader to do the same.

'Tu Sonrisa' by Regal86

Lily: This one came out over Christmas as part of a compilation Regal86 does every year with 100 tracks on it. Pay what you want, this ones my favourite out of all them.