DDG picks 10Trax featuring his favourite UK artists, from Digga D and Young T & Bugsey to Central Cee.

It would be accurate to describe DDG’s ambitions as galactic. The rapper has experienced a rapid rise since his first EP debuted in 2018, accruing greater fame and success with each drop of new music. He would hit gold in 2019 and then into the annals of platinum the following year with the massive hit single “Moonwalking in Calabasas”, which would reach over half a billion global streams.


Last year, he parlayed that success into the mixtape ‘Die 4 Respect’ in collaboration with big-name producer OG Parker, with the project garnering acclaim and a coveted spot well inside the Billboard 100 charts in the US. It’s all par for the course for DDG, a rapper who emerged fully-formed as a hugely ambitious artist with big dreams and the drive to realise them.


Now, he’s closer than ever to making those dreams reality. He’s laid down the marker of declaring his desire to become the first ever rapper in space, and befitting those out-of-these-world ambitions, he has now dropped a new space-faring single, “Elon Musk”, which expounds on those ambitions in confident style with the help of fellow hitmaker Gunna.


Reaching for the stars is just an everyday act for DDG. To celebrate his ever-climbing success, we asked him to pick 10Trax featuring his favourite UK artists, from Digga D to Young T & Bugsey to Central Cee.

"Woi" by Digga D

"This one’s catchy bro. I got that hook stuck in my head as soon as I was put onto this. Woi woi woi".

"Energy (Stay Far Away)" by Skepta ft. WizKid

"Shout out Skepta. This song makes you wanna be on the beach instantly".

"I See You Shining" by Nines

"The beat is fire. I like the Paid in Full reference and he’s floating in the video! I see you shining A!"

"Money Talks" by Fredo (feat. Dave)

"I love this video where they’re sitting on hella stacks. That’s crazy. They on some real rap shit too."

"Headie One" by Princess Cuts (feat. Young T & Bugsey)

"This just makes you wanna dance man. You can’t hear this and not start moving."

"Reggae & Calypso" by Russ Millions & YV & Buni

"This is a new one my UK guys put me on to. These kids got mad energy and they’re going crazy with the dances."

"Lively" by Double Lz (ft. Jaykae & Blair Muir)

"Lit. I heard this recently too through some of my London people. I love these upbeat party vibes mixed with the UK drill sound. I’m sure this is popping off in the clubs."

"Only You" by Headie One (ft. Drake)

"Drizzy jumping on the UK drill flow. They both went crazy on this. Out of here."

"Little Bit of This" by Central Cee

"My fans been telling me about Central Cee for a minute. He shot this one out in LA so I can relate to that visual. Super lit."

"Don't Rush" by Young T & Bugsey (feat. Headie One)

"We been heard this one over here and of course all over TikTok too. Big smash."