Northampton rapper DeBe picks 10Trax that are sure to get you hyped as he drops new track, "NICE GUY".

Rising British rapper, DeBe, is back with a new single, “NICE GUY”, and to celebrate, he’s kindly picked 10Trax that are sure to get anyone hyped.


Kicking off with a hard, percussion-heavy beat, DeBe’s quickfire flow spills over with social commentary and reflections on his lifestyle.


“I’m a nice guy and I question some of the actions I’ve followed through with in the past however, sometimes it’s appropriate”, DeBe explains. “I’m a very yin yang person, nice guy being one side”.

He continues, “I saw Chase at ALT LDN festival, and the week after I hit him up to lock in a session. I linked him and he played me a load of slappers. This beat stood out and I wrote the hook in 5 mins, I was rapping it over and over. I came up with half the first verse and I was so gassed, I recorded what I wrote and kept going…”


DeBe’s new track follows on from “NOT COPS”, a single that drew support from BBC Radio 1Xtra tastemakers DJ Target & Tiffany Calver, DJ Semtex on Capital Xtra, as well as Rude Kid over at Kiss.


Earlier this year, DeBe shared his full-length debut, ‘The Last Breath’, full of punk energy, witty quips, and big beats. Having written lyrics since he was just six years old, DeBe took his name from his teenage love of Dubstep. His music always features political themes, always with two fingers up to the establishment.


Dive into DeBe’s 10Trax below and get hype!

"BOGOTA" by SosMula

"When I first heard it, this shit slapped me in the face, woke me up and I ain't been sleep since".

"Cartoons & Cereal ft. Gunplay" by Kendrick Lamar

"The way this song is mixed with the vocal layers is sonically 10 out of 10. The whole message and vibe just puts me back to being a kid eating cereal, watching TV, amongst all the fuckery around me oblivious to its extent".

"Talking Da Hardest" by Giggs

"'JEEEEEZ' I say that shit everyday without fail and I’m certain this tune is responsible".

"Pasadena" by OverDoz

"Not many people know about OverDoz, these lot are so underrated to me. Visuals are always proper intriguing and keep you locked in with a whole concept/story".

"Nas Is Like" by Nas

"Top 5 favourite Nas tunes but I remember seeing the video when I was young and the whole swag gassed me next thing I had Akademik jackets and G Unit vests".

"Round The Globe" by Blade Brown & Sincere

"Back when I was outcheaaaa this shit gassed me up, these man set pace big flex always way before they even called it a flex".

"Deep Barz" by Chester P (TaskForce)

"EVERYONE should go listen to this…"

"Starting Over" by Jehst

" I remember when I discovered this tune. It put a smile on my face for sure, it was refreshing to see him embrace his day job as part of his music image. The humility and contrast of him as a post man rapping was inspiring and the visual was wavy… this was in 2011 bro".

"NPR Music Tiny Desk" by Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

"Live live live! Yo the way this guy is playing drums singing and rapping all in sync with his band… levels".

"Paranoia (feat. Nosaj Thing)" by Chance the Rapper

"I don’t think there ever was a visual for this, the production and sonics paint a whole picture themselves though. The tape ACID RAP was sick but these gem was hidden, chance had a minute gap of silence at the end of a tune then this starts playing… a lot of people didn’t clock it".


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