Non-binary artist, DIjahSB, releases another track from their upcoming album ‘Head Above The Waters’ and picks 10Trax that inspired it.

DIjahSB takes a balanced approach to their music, fusing candid, personal lyrics with modern beats and infectious hooks. They navigate different sounds with ease from drum-heavy beats to dark, grungy rock, to trap’s booming bass.


Making their debut in 2019, the Toronto based artist has had early praise for their natural flow and open lyrics about their struggles with mental health, and financial instability. Dijah cites influences like Kid Cudi, Pusha T, and Lupe Fiasco and their music encapsulates a bit of each of them: like Cudi, they’re open about their experiences with depression and injects their rhymes with vulnerability.


Dijah’s latest single “Overtime” comes ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Head Above The Waters’ out April 23rd. Featuring fellow Torontonian Chris Castello, “Overtime” is an upbeat and life-affirming summer jam showcasing Dijah’s lyrical dexterity and frank storytelling. Tying everything together is a unique perspective and rawness that’s all their own; stories of a young, Black queer artist who loves Toronto as much as they love their Nike SBs.


Now, DijahSB picks 10Trax that that inspired their forthcoming album. Jump in!

"Swim in the Light" by Kid Cudi

"A beautiful record with a ton of quotables regarding swimming towards the light rather than further away."

"Gorgeous" by Kanye West (feat. Kid Cudi & Raekwon)

"You can hear this track's influence on "New Harrison". One of my favourite tracks in the world."

"Ultra Combo / Sunroof Stello" by Chris Castello

"Chris is on the album and this is my favourite song from him. What a crazy record."

"Pull Up" by Mick Jenkins

"Mick is one of my favourite artists, and one of my favourite songs from him is "pull up" and he has a line in there where he says "Head above the waters I will not be undermined."

"Go DJ" by Kaytranada x SiR

"The entire Kaytranada album inspired this album and my last, but the vibe on Go DJ embodies the exact vibe I tried to embody on the more fun records on my album."

"Sad People" by Kid Cudi

"First of all, wow what a record by Cudi. The hook is exactly what music means to me. "This is for the sad people who keep the blunt burning in me."

"Q23" by RAY HMND (feat. Nicole Chambers)

"Ray is on the first record of the album, and this is my all time favourite track not only from him but out of the city he resides in, Brampton ON."

"ROXY" by Terrell Morris

"Jeeze what a talented guy. T is also on my album, and this my fav joint from him."

"Lavish Lullaby" by Masego

"This track inspired the album and just my sound in general. Masego's artistry really shines on this track here and captures the vibe I like to try to emulate."

"Crabs In a Bucket" by Vince Staples

"I love the entire Big Fish Theory album and it has been a big inspiration to me when it comes to crafting this album. Vince found his pocket and did the damn thing on this record and then album."