Singer-songwriter and YouTube star Dodie Clark shares her ten favourite tracks with us!

Dodie Clarke is more than your average girl next door, with a career that spans across music and YouTube, the singer-songwriter has established herself as an undeniable force. Starting her career on the video sharing site, Dodie uploaded her first music video in the confines of her room. With a shaky smile, the singer said cherubically: “Hello, my name’s Dodie Clark, I’m called doddleloddle on YouTube. I’m going to be singing a song I composed myself called “Rain”, and I hope you enjoy it. Followed by a robust voice, “Rain” explored Dodie’s feelings of frustration, isolation and misunderstanding. The lyrics are remarkably well-formed for what was once a 16-year-old, it’s become a treasured song amongst her 1.8 million subscribers.

Unlike other YouTubers, Dodie’s following isn’t a result of unboxings and make-up tutorials, but her genuine passion for music. Doddleloddle encapsulates all that matters to the singer, from a musical announcement about coming out, to educating her viewers about Depersonalisation Disorder, a condition that she suffers from; her channel is a melodious diary. For her latest EP Human, she took what she’d learnt on YouTube and turned it into an album. It explores emotions and events we all go through. In “If I’m Being Honest”, the singer gives a detailed tour of the feelings that come with having a crush. Exploring desire and anxiety, she prepares listeners for a bumpy ride in a whimsical spiel.

Between writing music, uploading videos and preparing for her sold-out Roundhouse show on Sunday (which sold out five months in advance), Dodie sat down with us to share her favourite 10Trax.

"Still Feel It All" by MARO

"I am recently obsessed with the whole album this is on - this was the first song I found from Maro and I burst into tears in the first chorus. When songs can say so much in so little; such simple lyrics that cut sooo deep."

"Soothing" by Laura Marling

"I can’t listen to this without putting my head down and pretending I am as regal-like as Laura. “I banish you with love” sang in her very British accent to soaring strings makes me want to ASCEND!"

"Quite Like You" by Andy Shauf

"This whole album is so small, sweet, quirky - super retro."

"Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep" by Jacob Collier ft. Laura Mvula

"Sounds like the title to be honest. Magnificently grand and beautiful, like you’re sinking peacefully deeper into their thick voices. Yum."

"Honeybody" by Kishi Bashi

"Time to lie on grass and bask in the sun to this song! So perfectly jammin’ and sweet."

"Teach You" by Emily King

"Emily’s songs are so rhythmic, and she sings her lines so delicately but intensely. Ahhh I’ll never not love her!"

"Clouds" by Cory Wong

"This track is such a feel good journey; has the funky guitar and bass lines amidst a bed of harmonies. Loveeee!"

"Bury A Friend" by Billie Eilish

"How can something with minimal production and a tiny pure voice sound so creepy and large?! So pleased everyone loves her sound as much as I do."

"Why Am I Like This" by Orla Gartland

"It starts so chill but gets so big towards the end. I’d probably describe this as a sad bop. Lol. Orla cannot write a bad song."

"Bach" by Dan Reeder

"Hahahha this came up on my Spotify discover weekly and it made me giggle but also it’s so sweet! I love the harmonies!"

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