To celebrate the release of his introspective new track, 'How Good', singer-wongwriter Donovan Woods selects 10 mood stabilisers to see us through the week.

'Quiet Dog Bite Hard' by Mos Def

This is basically the mood I’d like to be in. Energetic calm.

'90 Proof' by Smino

This is perhaps my favourite walking song. J. Cole with a heartstopper verse.

'Friend For Life' by X Ambassadors

This is great. Male emotion. Worth it for the lyric “Your tears drying on my Nautica” alone.

'Everything Almost' by Madi Diaz

Madi is communicating regret better than anyone right now (maybe ever?).

'65th & Ingleside' by Chance the Rapper

Just a joy to hear, makes me feel calm for some reason. Perhaps because I can never guess what’s coming next so I don’t try.

'Spit Of You' by Sam Fender

I like to listen to this while walking off the plane. I know that’s specific, but just try it.

'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young' by Eric Church

Makes me feel safe about getting older.

'Reasonable Man' by Tiny Ruins

I have loved this album for a decade. Makes me feel safe in love.

'I Told You So' by Briston Maroney

A little pleasure, this one. Have only listened once so far, but I bet there'll be more.

'Tomorrow' by Silverchair

Just reminding you that this song rules.

Listen to Donovan Woods' latest track, 'How Good', now: