'Cowboy pop' creator, Dreamer Boy, drops the single "Crybaby" and picks 10 songs that he loves - from The Beatles to Frank Ocean.

The musical project of Zachary Arthur Taylor, Dreamer Boy may have only been releasing for two years, but he’s no stranger to success. Regularly racking up hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of streams, the woozy bedroom pop artist has added to his roster with the new track “Crybaby”.


Having supported Clairo on her UK tour at the end of last year, Nashville musician Dreamer Boy is going from strength to strength with each release, and “Crybaby” is further testment to that.


“Crybaby” marks Dreamer Boy’s second single of the year, following the hazy number “Know You”. With a dreamy quality that feels both modern and nostalgic, it’s no wonder the artist is racking up over 650k monthly streams on Spotify alone.


Picking tracks from some of music’s classic greats, including David Bowie, Neil Young, and George Harrison, dive into Dreamer Boy’s 10Trax below!

“Starman” by David Bowie

"Excellent chugging acoustic guitar, also I love the ad-libs at the beginning of the song. An amazing story teller and character."

"My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison

"The guitar parts in this song are incredible, and I love the layers of bells and strings in the hooks. George always has my favorite lyrics as well, this one makes me feel close to God."

"Dreamin’ Man" by Neil Young

"This makes me feel like a cowboy, one who is swept away in love. I feel like this is one of the only songs I feel obliged to cover at some point in my life. Steel pedal and lyrical whimsey… my favourite."

"Let Down" by Radiohead

"Something a little more moody, this song makes me feel like I can cope with the negative feelings of this life. I want to share my life with others, so that is bound to include some let downs."

"Watch Me" by Labi Siffre

"A brilliant chugging acoustic guitar part, I am a sucker for the instrumentation on this one, as well as the feeling of friendship tucked away in the lyrics. I am swirling in the present with someone I love in this song."

"Southern Sky" by Alex G

"If you can respect the counterpoint of the piano and the rest of the tune, this song ends up being the most beautiful folk rock anthem that you can sing at the top of your lungs in your car. The introspective lyrics and the imagery of southern skies make me weep."

"That's On Me" by Mac Miller

"I'm not sure if many songs do a better job of self pity. Its a feeling that we all have to slip into, it is a guilty comfort for most humans. I put too much weight on myself and this song feels like a companion in that."

"Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" by The Beatles

"The imagery and storytelling in this song are sexy. I love the adventure of it all. Its pure, yet you are intoxicated by the feeling."

"Seigfried" by Frank Ocean

"The nostalgia, lyrics and production on this song make this a easy place to retreat to for inspiration. I love Frank. A lot. Thanks for this movie of a song."

"Expecting To Fly" by Buffalo Springfield

"This intro along with the wide eyed nature of the subject of the lyrics make me feel like anything is possible. There is a swirling psychedelic nature to the song as well which is fun."

Listen to Dreamer Boy's new single "Crybaby" below: