House music wunderkinds Dunmore Brothers pick 10Trax for Notion, from Green Velvet to Sosa to Galcher Lustwerk.

The Dunmore Brothers come from a strong pedigree indeed – the DJ duo are Lucas and Louie, sons of the head of the prestigious record label Defected, and they soaked in all the influences possible from their father as they grew up.


They made a bold entrance into the industry with gigs at their local gym in Surrey, which gave them the platform to leap up to playing an impromptu debut gig at Solomon’s Yard in Camden. Using the energy of those live shows, the pair have worked hard in the studio to create music that’s just as vibrant and fresh as the tunes they grew up on, with a proudly contemporary sensibility.


Their work has yielded essential self-knowledge, with Lucas and Louie finding their own specialised interests in the recording and marketing processes and putting them to good use. That focus has helped them build an impressive brand in the house music business, and it’s led to some impressive and memorable shows.


With Dunmore Brothers set for an anticipated show at the three-night Defected show in Ibiza starting on 29th April, there’s much more to come. We caught up with them to find out 10Trax which have been key to their process, from Mr. C to Green Velvet to Sosa.

"Fly Away" (Dennis Ferrer Remix)" by Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

"We knew we needed to include a Dennis Ferrer record in this list - choosing which one was the hard part! His remix of Fly Away has the perfect combination of groove and tech, allowing it to be played at any point in a set."

"Answering Machine" by Green Velvet

"“I don’t need this shit”! A stand out techno record."

"Too Much Information (Laolu Remix)" by Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra

"Dele Sosimi’s powerful vocals mixed with Laolu’s deep but uplifting sound makes this record a one of a kind. This record massively influenced our love of afro house as a genre."

"Another Story (Another Version)" by Galcher Lustwerk

"One of our favourite warm up records. The tidy flow off the vocals are easy on the ear on top of a rolling deep beat."

"Chez B. Untitled" by Chez Damier

"Groovy bassline, catchy hook & unique synths, A record from the 1993 sounding equally fresh on dance floors today."

"Daily Prayer" by Mr. C

"I don’t think we play a set that doesn’t include a Mr G track. Daily prayer is a perfect combination of deep beats & smooth hypnotic vocals, perfect in every listening environment."

"It's Time To Move" by Sosa

"Rap vocals, garage influenced drums & heavy bassline, this is tough gritty record never fails to bring the energy to a dance floor. The hard part is trying not to play it every set."

"Stop Space Return" by Crazy P

"Soulful vocals contrasting with an acidy 303 bassline make this track an ultimate feel good record."

"Larry's Exotic Blend" by Zappe

"High energy, groovy drums with a catchy vocal. We definitely feel more people should know about this record!"

"What To Say (DJ Deeon Remix)" by Matt Tolfrey & Frank Storm

"A legend of the Chicago house scene, again choosing one DJ Deeon record was difficult, but this is a stand out in our opinion. Made by the catchy soft vocals and a hard hitting bassline."