Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter evrYwhr chooses 10 of his favourite tracks to hit you right in the feels, from Rema to Kehlani.

"Rue’s I’m Tired" - Labyrinth & Zendaya

"The honesty of the lyrics and the depth of the production for 'Rue’s I’m Tired' created the perfect marriage. Little known fact - a guilty pleasure of mine is zoning out to this song in my headphones on cloudy days."

"Chanel" - Frank Ocean

"On any given day I’m listening to this song on repeat while screaming out, “MY POCKET'S SNUG”. Frank is a genius creator/expresser and he always has a home on my sound system."

"Runaway" - Rema

"This is just one of those songs where I get lost in time listening to it. He’s managed to bring to life a vibe that feels like cool water pouring over your skin on a hot summer day."

"BAD bad" - Fana Hues

"This song is pure sex. Nothing else needs to be said."

"Braid It Back" - Pip Millett

"It’s eerily sexy. Sometimes you just have those songs that hit different, and this is one of those songs. I remember hearing it for the first time and saying, ”What the *expletive*?"

"Modennaminute" - Smino, Lucky Daye & Phoelix

"Black heart emoji music."

"Ginger Me" - Rema

"I was out at an art gallery and 'Ginger Me' came up in conversation; I’ve been listening to it ever since."

"everything" - Kehlani

"This song is beautiful. Kehlani, you blessed the world with this one."

"2 Sugar" - Wizkid & Ayra Starr

"Elevated vibes I just love, and their voices compliment one another."

"Sticky" - Drake

"Drake doesn’t miss."