Rough and ready, this brutally honest English punk rock band intimately spill their secret top ten tracks...

Taking no prisoners following the release of their latest deeply personal new album “End of Suffering” this English punk rock band has more than brutal screams and honest lyricism to deliver this year.

Fierce and ferocious Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes brilliantly named their freshly cut 12 track album “End of Suffering”. The title takes cue after the Buddist term “Enlightenment” to emphasize the band’s brand new awakening to a whole spectrum of senses following their latest release. A forty-minute rockin’ rollercoaster ride of molten hot, scorching bangers and grungey melodies sewn through with brutally honest lyricism moulded throughout the tracks. Achieving their third album after previously releasing “Modern Ruin” and “Blossom”, the punk rock band were ready to give their supporters a brand new taste of their razor edge sound after creating their unique album sound after several weeks of suffering in the scorching heatwave of London last year.

Catching the chaotic brilliance of grunge band Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes before dawn turns into dusk, we had a chance to dig deep into their 10 jaw-dropping tracks on repeat. They’ve chosen their favourite tunes from this year’s Primavera Sound line-up where the band will also be performing.

Gorgeous by SlowThai

"One of the most important artists in British music, doing things completely on his own terms. Plus, probably the best artwork I’ve seen in years."

Obstacle 1 by Interpol

"When I lived in New York, I’d stay up until 4am painting high on paint fumes listening to this song. Day dreaming about being a rock star."

Get Your Rocks Off by Primal Scream

"Massively influential to our band, both lyrically and musically. Bobbie is a true rockstar, catch me watching them and stealing all their moves."

Patience by Tame Impala

"The first time we played Eurokeenes our day ended in us watching Tame Impala into Sleep, a little high. It was one of the best festival experiences we’ve ever had."

Boys by Charli XCX

"Boys are cute."

Assume Form by James Blake

"I love artists who are constantly reinventing, and this new record is such an interesting turn for him. Love the title track so much." - Dean

Steal by Maribou State

"Spotify pretty much knows me more than I do, and for weeks I ignored suggestions to listen to Maribou State. I probably listen to them more days than I don’t now." - Dean

Starry Night by Peggy Gou

"I was involved in the launch of a community radio station in Peckham this year, as we went live I completely lost control of the web stuff I had setup and Peggy Gou’s artwork was just stuck on the homepage all day. I figured I should listen and been hooked since." - Dean

Malamente by Rosalia

"Rosalia is the future of music. Everything she puts out sounds, looks and is amazing. Can’t wait to see her live." - Dean

Walkin on a Pretty Day by Kurt Vile & The Violators

"Fell in love with Kurt Vile’s music just before we played a festival in France called Eurokeenes back in 2015. Listened all week and then turned up and he was there playing right after us, I ran from stage in my stage gear sweating and watched his set. Perfect moment, perfect artist." - Dean