Frya selects some of her favourite songs from across the years for her 10Trax as she releases confident new single "B.D.E".

Fresh off the back of writing the soundtrack for the second season of popular Netflix series, Blood and Water, Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Frya has dropped her hot new single, “B.D.E”. Kicking off with an enticing beat from producer Mr Kamera, a sultry saxophone solo makes way for Frya’s opening verse. Reminiscent of Rihanna’s ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ era, it’s sure to get stuck in your head for days.


Commenting on the new single, Frya said: “’B.D.E’ is a song I created for myself and other women to feel empowered about what they want and to be bold enough to say it. I want the song to be a powerful statement for everyone who hears it. I want it to be a record people play when they need to feel empowered when they’re about to shoot their shot. I just want people to feel free to be fully themselves and I hope this record helps them with that”.

“Working on this record with Mr Kamera was so much fun. He’s such an incredible producer, he gets my voice and knows exactly how to capture that African sound and fuse it with dancehall”.


“B.D.E” is another taste of Fyra’s upcoming album, ‘Balance’. So far, we have been treated to “Back It Up”, “Changes”, “Chandalier” and “Calculate”.


To celebrate her new single, Fyra picked 10Trax – both old and new – that she’s loving right now. Tune in!

"Off The Grid" by Kanye West

"DONDA is by far my favourite Kanye album. This song is my pump up track. Every time I play it I feel invincible. The writing, the production, the beat, it’s powerful."

"Heavenly" by Cigarettes After Sex

"This is my favourite Indie band. Their writing is incredible, they have a beautiful perspective on romance and love. Their vocal delivery is very ethereal."

“Tonongo” by Lojay & Sarz

"Loved this entire E.P by Lojay & Sarz. It’s a beautiful body of work. This song is smooth and showcases new age Afro beat."

“Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse

"This is a classic record for me. Amy is one of my top 3 all time favourite artists. This song is very soulful, vulnerable and in my opinion one of the most well written songs ever."

“B.D.E” by Frya & Mr Kamera

"This is my latest single release from my upcoming debut album “Balance". It’s a very raw record, empowering, It’s a fusion of Afro beat & pop. Mr Kamera’s incredible beat & production took it to a different level."

“Blessed” by WizKid ft Damian Marley

"I have played this record over a million times. WizKid is such a huge inspiration & the way their vocals blended was incredible. Whenever I’m down it always reminds me to be grateful."

“4th Baby Mama” by Summer Walker

"This song is from my favourite R&B album from the past 5 years. Summer Walker’s vocals and writing were absolutely perfect. You feel her frustration."

“Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna

"The ultimate Bad Bad record for me, super empowering and whenever I doubt myself that’s the record I play. The writer Bibi Bourelly is one of my favourite music writers."

“Victory Lap” by Nipsey Hussle

"This is my favourite rap song of all time. I’m a huge Nipsey Hussle fan, huge. This is my inspirational record, whenever I’m in doubt or feeling uninspired I play that."

“Bando Diaries” by Dutchavelli

"Ever since I watched Top Boy, I fell in love with Drill. It’s a powerful rap song & his one of my favourite rappers out of."