Self-proclaimed “big dreamer” George Cosby chooses 10Trax which will transport you.

After a number of unusual day jobs – including a stint at a funeral parlour – George Cosby’s dreaming big paid off.


Having made his debut in 2021, Cosby’s first EP is ready for release, reeled in with the “She Got It Bad” single. Co-produced with Wendy Wang and Grammy-winning Dan Grech-Marguerat, the track sets a precedent for the stellar catalogue of collaborators on the EP, including Justin Parker, Andrew Wells, Sammy Witte, Greg Wells, Jon Green, and Oli Bayston.


‘We Stand Alone’ has been a long-time in the making, written from home and overseas. Cosby explains: “The ‘We Stand Alone’ EP is a collection of songs that I think encapsulates what I’m about and my journey. The recordings span the last three years and the songs were written across London and Los Angeles, influenced by special people I’ve met along the way and who’ve contributed so much to my vision. Each song had its own little distinct universe so joining them together felt right for my first EP. I’m delighted to be able to finally share them.”


To usher in his first EP release, George Cosby exclusively picks 10 tracks that will have you thinking of other worlds. Dive in!

"Them" by Nils Frahm

What a film Victoria is and what a soundtrack Nils Frahm made. I picked up the vinyl in Berlin a few years ago and this tune haunts my living room on a regular basis as the last of the day's sun pours in.

"Yumeji’s Theme" by Shigeru Umebayashi

Iconic string line from 'In The Mood For Love'. This film is everything, so rich, stylish and romantic. It changed a lot for me when I first was introduced to this.

"Emotional Rescue" by The Rolling Stones

I love the scene in ‘A Bigger Splash’ where Ralph Fiennes is dancing to this tune. Such a feel good banger that makes you wanna get up and boogie.

"She" by Elvis Costello

A classic from a classic, ‘Notting Hill’. I’m a sucker for a rom-com and this may be the best of the best. I will always picture a London park bench whenever this is on.

"Levo" by Recondite

I’m a huge Paolo Sorrentino and Jude Law fan so when they combined on "The Young Pope" it was a match made in heaven. I loved the music they choose as contrast to the cinematography. I’ve been hooked on this groove ever since.

"Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" by Ennio Morricone

What more can you say about Morricone, such a genius. A beautiful heart-warming film to boot. The strings waltz around in such a beautiful way on this.

"Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder made the whole soundtrack for ‘Into The Wild’ and being a diehard Pearl Jam fan this was a no brainer for me. This was a big reason I took time out to travel after school.

Simple Song #3 - BBC Concert Orchestra

This comes in the final scene of ‘Youth’, another Sorrentino masterpiece. I remember the first time I watched it I was savagely hungover and when this kicked in it brought me to floods of tears.

Mystery Of Love - Sufjan Stevens

'Call Me By Your Name' is a modern day masterpiece full of many great songs. Sufjan brings such powerful intimacy to his work and this miraculous song was a perfect match.

"Vanity" by Mica Levi

This is from the film ‘Jackie’, where Mica created such interesting arrangements. I’d never heard something like it within film and it drew me in instantly.