Berlin clubbing-scene regular Hadone selects ten of his favourite Intelligent Dance Music tracks to get you ready for the weekend.

Telefon Tel Aviv – "Sound In A Dark Room"

"Maybe the top choice, and my favourite track of all time. Each time I listen to this, I still manage to discover new parts. It’s so inspiring."

James Shinra – "Spinet"

"The label this was released on, Analogical Force, has been a huge reference for me and especially James Shinra who has always been so consistent with his work. This is my favourite track from him."

U Zig – "Hasty Boom Alert"

"This artist is so underrated to me. He deserves so much more recognition for what he makes. His music is amazingly cinematographic. I love the way he uses melody in this particular track."

Etapp Kyle – "10K"

"Timeless. Utterly unique track from Etapp."

Telefon Tel Aviv – "TTV"

"Another classic track that could be played today and still be relevant. It was hard to put only one track from these guys into this list."

Trentemoller – ‘The Last Resort’

"I know this is not a track, and an album but it has to go into this list. It's the one I have listened to more than anything and is a key step within electronic music."

Squarepusher – ‘Feed Me Weird Things'

"From the first album from Squarepusher. So original and unique for the time it was released, yet it’s still revolutionary to me how he combines genres so easily. It's impressive."

Shlomo – "Hadal Zone (Netsh Remix)"

"The album from Shlomo was amazing, but Netsh really took the track to make a remix for and he delivered something amazing. He is a young guy, yet one of the most impressive producers in France. You need to check him out."

Boards of Canada – "Amo Bishop Rodeo"

"A band that's been a huge reference to my whole career. I know it might be a bit cliché to say this but I can’t lie about it! This is my top pick of their tracks."

EOD – "Clue"

"I have used this track so often to close my sets, it's always fun to see the reaction from the crowd after playing techno for a couple of hours. This track has so many feelings to it - it's great."