The Pose actress offers up our most indepth 10Trax edit to date.

Earlier this year, a little-known actress made an appearance in Ryan Murphy’s Pose, and became an overnight star. Indya Moore, who played one of the shows most favoured characters, Angel, has quickly found herself a name in both the entertainment and fashion circuits. Earlier this year she walked / vogued the Telfar show at New York Fashion Week and has been on a slew of magazine covers. After booking forthcoming horror show, Magic Hour, which was filmed in Japan, and ask she geared up for the second series of Pose, it’s inevitable that 2019 is the year that Moore goes global.

We catch her amidst her catastrophic rise to get a breakdown of her fave hits of the moment.

"Feeling Good" by Nina Simone

This one reminds me of how grateful I am to be alive. To exist. First and foremost before everything else and anything else I have.. She reminds me of my love for the earth, nature, existence and the realm I exist in. Nina connects freedom to nature and nature to freedom. Nature affirms her and that affirms me.

I exist during a time where humans are so spoiled by intelligence that they use it to dominate and control everything. This domination and control is the ultimate deprivation of freedom. Humans work against nature as if we are not apart of it. Humans discard, dispose and destroy everything and anything we believe we do not need, even each other as opposed to leaving existence to exist regardless of it’s relevancy for “usage”. Humans have grown existentially vain, and abusive with along with the depletion of self-awareness.

I often feel many humans do not truly appreciate freedom because they do not know what It feels to be held existentially captive. But when I see nature outside the confines I live in I feel like it feels like me, or how I should feel. No bird tells the bird how high it is allowed to fly. No butterfly can tell the butterfly which flower to rest on. We understand self determination because it is a virtue to our happiness, but we use it against each other to control one another. Humans do not fully understand that freedom is ours because we regularly deprive it from one another, but every other creature does. In my pursuit for happiness I realise when I am not under scared and anxious I am free and am in control of myself. This makes me happy. When I feel no fear to exist, I Feel good. Feeling Good by Nina Simone reminds me that Life cannot prosper in a cage. Life cannot prosper at the mercy to a predator. Nina inspires me to see myself and all life as I see the stars in the sky, the dirt beneath my feet and everything in between- As purposeful, regardless of whether or not the purpose benefits me or another. Freedom is mine. “Oh, freedom is mine, and I know how I feel
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…. I’m feeling Good.”

"New Day" by Malcolm London

Malcolm inspires a world where we can actively work ourselves and our flaws into qualities that benefit everyone including ourselves in brighter and positive ways. He uses himself as a prime example of someone who has hope in a better way although his experiences in life may influence most people to believe otherwise. “If you was me would you refuse to give up too?”

I’ve been through so much, my will to live was impacted by my suffering at a young age. Most people who have seen and experience constant despair and misfortune have pessimistic mentalities because it is the reality that they’ve seen. Various levels of this Pessimism can negatively impact a person to behave harmfully toward themselves and sometimes others. For a while, and in ways, I was one of those people, I even attempted suicide but I survived. I made a decision to be not to be. Through empathy I Learned from everyone who ever caused harm  to me or others around me- how to be a better person and I was inspired by my own realisation that change is as possible as my own willingness to see things from a different perspective. I deeply appreciate the idea that we can evolve our flaws into our greatest strengths. Malcolm is also the only cis hetero rapper I have heard openly calling for peace for queer people in his music as opposed to violence. I appreciate the way he utilises hip hop to bring everyone together without borders.

"IDK" by Willow

Willow Smith, reminds me not to waste my emotional & spiritual energy on trying to understand why people may not like or respect me. She reminds me not feel entitled to positive attention and to remain humble before the things I, and other people may not understand.

She teaches me that sometimes it’s better that we don’t know certain things.. She reminds me that it’s okay to let it go and not allow myself to be consumed what other people do on behalf of their own negativity because it can take away from your growth.

"Hope" by Blood Orange

“Hope” by Blood Orange reminds me not to fear love and to understand that people often do. That it really affirming to me because sometimes I don’t understand why people seem not to understand how simple it is to love someone else and how intimidating and unbelievable it can be to others to hear that they are loved. Love isn’t something you have to be qualified for: whether it’s to receive or to give. I think also there are many different ways of loving people, and the way we choose to love someone should be dependent upon the kind of relationship we have with them. Ultimately, I believe love is supportive, non violent, intentional, pure, unbiased and should not be inspired by reciprocity although it can be.

"Soldier" by Erykah Badu

This song reminds me how marginalized people are seen, & treated in America no matter how educated, or innocent they may be. She warns people of privilege that if they are just looking out for danger and people of truly agenda based negative intentions they should look out for the crooked powers that be before they mistakenly characterize innocent POC/ marginalized folk as such.

"Work" by Charlotte Day Wilson

Reminds me that your goals in life takes hard work, consistency and intention no matter how you are seen.

Reminds me that I can do anything I out my mind to and that I should never allow any part of this society to make me feel limited and if there is, I should challenge it. Nice by the carters affirms a sense of freedom and autonomy over my own life.

"Lines" by The Hics

“Lines” by The Hics reminds me of having a relationship with someone who becomes very toxic and having to shut that relationship down because it. It challenges the toxic individual to spiritually introspect and change the parts of themselves that became problematic and to see the parts of themselves that are beautiful and inspired the relationship to bloom in the first place. Lines reminds me its ok to cut off toxic relationships with people who have grown far out of their better selves and that it’s alright to point them in the right direction to re-find/refine themselves, if they’ve fallen off course.

"Flower Child" by Nitty Scott

Flowerchild reminds me not to allow myself to be spiritually consumed by fame and not allow myself to be blinded by the flashy/flashing lights. She reminds me to be patient, and that I am a work in progress. She reminds me to stay true to my integrity no matter how people see me. No matter how far I get. This songs affirms the patience I seek in others who claim to care and love me so that I can grow at my own pace into my best self. “This is not a race track” Reminds me that life is meant for the individual living it, she affirms my idea that I should not live for others or to take space, and that there is room for all of me in my own lane. “I got love for the showbiz, but sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses” reminds me to give myself a moment to live, breathe and experience the fruits of my labor. It’s the only way I can come to appreciate the hard work I do. What’s the purpose of hard work if it doesn’t benefit your spirit? “They say greatness get better with time / They say concrete roses hard to find / Sit inside my room, and let these thoughts bloom / It’s a secret garden in my mind / Flowerchild.” These lines affirm that you can grow into your own personal beautiful no matter where you come from, no matter where your roots started. She reminds me to be proud of my experiences, because that is the soil that provide me the balance I have to stand up right today.

"Could You Be Loved" by Bob Marley

In the lyrics it says “could you be loved and be loved?” But I hear could you be loved and be love. That reminds me it’s just as important to be loving as it is to have love. Later in the song Mr. Marley affirms me not to allow anyone to deceive me or try to teach me things I know that are not right. He tells a message reminding his listeners that they have a mind of their own and to “go to hell” if you are using it to think wrong. He reminds me to be humble and patient with others in the same way I expect it. “ The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too / So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you.” He reminds me not to allow anyone to change or rearrange who I am, and that only I can be inspired to change myself where I see fit.