Garage disruptor Introspekt reveals the 10Trax that inspired her joint EP with INVT, TECTÓNICA, released on Dr Dubplate’s ec2a imprint.

'The Soul' by Menta

A classic dark garage / early dubstep track; the percussion work on this one is so nice and skippy.

'Star Wars (The Hatcha VIP) (2006)' by Benga

I love this one because it’s a sick grime / dubstep track that really shows the deep influence dancehall has on the bass music that I enjoy. It's so fun to whine ur waist to this one.


This is another track sitting in that early dubstep territory where everything intersected with grime and garage. I found this record at DNR Vinyl in Croydon last summer and its been on constant rotation. Big up Dan DNR!

'Ghetto Lovin' (Dub)' by Ordinary People

Classic 2-step track with questionable lyrics. Love the juxtaposition of the dark gritty bass with the moody femme vocals.

'Digitize' by Nude

One of my favourite cuts of all time. Dark garage at its finest. Nice skippy percussion, moody atmosphere, and a sick wobbly lead bassline. I sampled some of the drum hits from this in my track 'Seismic Activity' with INVT

'The Otherside // Shelflife (2000)' by Blaze

Another classic from one of my favorite 2-step labels, Shelflife. More of what I like, sultry diva vocals, atmosphere, and a naughty bassline.


I play this track in almost every set. The bass is insane and the percussion is relentless.

'Anytime' by Bakongo

Driving Afro-percussion and a trippy lead melody put this one in constant rotation in my sets recently. Love it for a good slow sexy dance moment.

'the sniper’s dream' by brazen

Breaks and heavy 2-step for the win! This stepper just rolls on and on in the best way possible. Absolutely infections bassline that dances around that classic UKG kick pattern.

'High Plains Drifter' by Sholay ft. Goldspot Productions

One of my favorite proto-dubstep tracks. I love the way this one combines a 2-step drum pattern with south Asian percussive elements. When I revisited it in my collection some months ago it inspired me to incorporate more percussive elements in my 2-step beats. It adds another dimension sonically.