London-based DJ and producer Isaac Carter selects us 10 sprawling house tracks inspired by his floor-filling sets.

‘When U Touch My Body’ by Solid Gold Playaz, .Dot

I’ve been playing this a lot recently, particularly in the early stages of the night. There’s an airy floaty vibe yet deepness to this record and the vocal is hypnotising. The punchy percussion and loopy keys make this the kind of track you play whilst still warming up, just before moving into slightly harder stuff.

‘Squeeze’ by 51 Days

I’ve been rinsing this for as long as I can remember. For me, this is an incredibly versatile record when it comes to the dancefloors it works on. The vocal makes me wish I could speak French and the way 51 Days automates this track makes it a proper vibe builder.

‘FANTASY (80's Late Night Fanta Dub)’ by SWAG

One of my favourite SWAG records. I love the pad and bassline on this one, it’s simple but really drives the track. This is one of the first records I bought from that early 00s tech house era.

‘Lights Out’ by Scott Grooves

Lovely record from one of my favourite producers, Scott Grooves. The way this track evolves is special and it never fails to get people moving.

‘Breaking Out’ by Aubrey

A super deep cut from Aubrey. Beautiful chords with a sick delay on them and a bassline that glues the track together, automated to perfection to create tension at key moments in the track. This one is emotional!

‘In Synch’ by Fade ii Black

I think moody chords have been a bit of a theme here to be honest, I need to have a word with myself. Love this record. It’s got nice and crunchy vintage percussion, a sinister chord/pad and a driving bassline. I found this one to lack a bit of punch in the past, but the new remaster is doing wonders.

‘Sweet Melody’ by ... Selina King Murrel (Transcient Dub)

This is in my ‘peak time euphoria’ folder for good reason. It’s very difficult to have a record with trancey elements but still give it that swing that true deep house is known for. I feel this track does it expertly. The call and response vocal in the break, the funky bassline and the phat toms make this a proper dancefloor anthem.

‘Metropole’ by KiNK & Neville Watson

This track is up there with ‘Fly Life Xtra’ as a cheat code for any DJ. Every time I play this, whether in a big room, festival or more intimate space, people always react with the best energy.

‘I’m Hungry’ by Roy Davis Jr.

This one’s just a banger. From start to finish Roy Davis Jr. means business.

‘House Down’ by Dana Kelley

I love this record so much. It’s just a work of art. The chord stabs, acid, loose percussion the way he automates the volume in the track to create crazy tension. RIP to one of the GOATS, this is staying in rotation forever.

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