Barcelona club scene star and LGBTQ+ collective MARICAS co-founder ISAbella runs us through 10 tracks from Latin America's finest.

Showcasing what is going on and what’s been going on forever in Latin America; coming from Colombia and seeing how all the music around the world has been evolving and shifting into becoming one of the most influential rhythms. Also, seeing the impact that this has on a global scale makes me happy, proud and inspired!

"Como me miras" by Bitter Babe

This is the first release from Bitter Babe, a total Colombian babe on Tratratrax, a colombian label which has been pushing the boundaries and defining an era of creativeness for the past few years! Just defining a new horizon of dance music!

"De desamor y de miel" by Hyperaktivist

"Ana Laura AKA Hyperaktivist and Venezuelan mami rica, Mala Junta and Mess boss' latest track on Radian Records compilation is bringing her own imprint in a massive banger. Connecting with her roots and sampling a Colombian classic merengue, this track is a gem!"

"Corazón Lleno de Mil Inviernos" by TAYHANA

"This list couldn't be complete without TAYHANA, Tierra de Fuego, her debut album on NAFFI Mexican label. It really shows the extended and inspiring universe TAYHANA productions contain."

"Maíz" by Dj Fucci

"Couldn't think about Mexican artists without thinking of Dj Fucci! We met in 2022 while I was visiting Mexico DF and had the most fun time in the studio where I could see his crazy skills. Fucci blends Latin roots with a much more experimental techno field in such a special way, his latest release on NAFFI is a great example of it. So better keep an eye on this babe."

"Lusho ElegÂncia" by TRYPAS CORASSAO

"TRYPAS CORASSAO is formed of Brazilian artists Tita Maravilha and Cigarra. "Lusho ElegÂncia", released on Mamba Negra and Naive labels, is beautiful and hostile at times. It tells us a story where we can understand this goes against the rules."

"Tungsten Tears" by Lila Tirando a Violeta

"Uruguayan artist Lila Tirando a Violeta's album on NAFFI feels so intimate, introspective and at times dystopian. The way she blends genres on this album is impressive! The flute feels so deep and spiritual, this is a must listen album."

"Se Pone Caliente" by Nicola Cruz

"Nicola is without a doubt one of Latin America's finest in every way, his productions and DJ sets are just top. He's also the sweetest. This release on Tratratrax is bringing the hottest experimental dembow. Blending South American percussions with his iconic modular sounds, "Se Pone Caliente" is one of my most played tracks."

"More My Love ... water dog" by DJ Babatr

"Tribal, funky, street ghetto house from a Venezuelan icon. Dj Babatr changa tuki finest latest release on ACA is a dance floor heater. This is probably one of my most played tracks in the past few months but the whole EP is superb."

"AE" by Domingae

"I had the chance to meet Domingae last year in Mexico and I could feel her music would be as special as her. When I heard this release it took me into another place that is deep and weird in the most amazing ways. Then I realised how this EP was done and it blew my mind."

"RUSH" by SlimSoledad

"Brazilian queen SlimSoledad's latest release "RUSH" is as intrinsic and powerful as herself. Slim will release her debut EP in our Label MARICAS Records during this summer so this is a taste of her musical world."