Soul sensation Jake Isaac gears us up to summer selecting us some sun-drenched tracks that gets the heat rising.

'Waterfall (I Adore You)' by Yebba

Its like day dreaming in a romantic dream with two lovers

'God Talks Back' by Nectar Woode

There’s something so haunting about listening to this song at night, it leaves you feeling like youre not alone.

'Summer Never Dies' by KTNA

You could be driving through the snow on the M40 in the middle of January and this one will have you feeling like your walking down brixton high road in the heat of August.

'Can I Call You Rose' by Thee Sacred Souls

If Sam Cooke were still with us and was looking for a modern day classic, this would be it.

'Home' by Jaz Kris

The complexed and beautiful simplicity of this one will leave you feeling like you just had a three course meal in 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

'Hard 4 Me 2 Love You' by Sinead Harnett

This song is like taking the most beautiful vase and smashing it into smithereens and then rescuing it piece by pieces.

'Drunk On A Fight' by Eloise

If D’angelo and Billie Holiday had a baby, this would be the song and voice that came out.

'ISLY' by Kenyon Dixon

The class, the pen, the vocal, the vocal arrangement…not for children, big man tings.

'Never Give Up' by Chronixx

They dont make Reggae music like this no more, they dont make music like this no more.

'Heart Is On My Sleeve' by Sophie Faith

Beauty baring all, a song that you love whether you love it or not.