DJ and broadcaster Jay Carder selects us 10 of her favourite tracks from artists performing at Drumsheds for Bicep Curate The Hydra.

Bicep, one of the world’s most innovative electronic duos, are taking to Drumsheds next month, as part of The Hydra’s debut night at the buzzy new venue. Curating a lineup to compliment their Chroma AV DJ set, the Belfast DJ-producers are a must-see act on the club circuit but their performances are becoming rarer, and subsequently, more momentous with every year that passes.


New wave bass-techno innovators like Otik, Kessler and Mia Koden will be joined by prestigious names like Daphni, Clark and Marcel Dettmann. Anyone with a fondness for faster BPMs will find them through Sully, Sherelle and Special Request, whose blends of footwork, jungle and break-heavy music have reached global status.


The Hydra have been putting on some of the most dynamic London club nights for years. Transforming inconspicuous settings, like churches, warehouses and theatres, into audio-visual experiences, the due have since moved into club spaces and continued to blow ravers away with their carefully curated nights.


Getting us in the mood for what will be a night to remember, polymathic DJ Jay Carder, who’s also on the bill, has selected a playlist of her favourite music from the lineup. Tap in below.

'Johannesburg' by Rival Consoles

I must have listened to this track 100s of times, and it sends chills up my spine every time like it's the first. Everything River Consoles makes is beautiful and outstandingly unique, but 'Johannesburg' is really something from another realm.

'COS-BER-ZAM' by Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)

Obviously, we all know Daphni, aka Caribou, as one of the most eloquent producers in dance music. This remix he put out in 2012 still rips up sets today. It strikes the sweet spot between weird off-kilter and being an absolute banger. I will be listening to this forever!

'Cosmosis' by Otik

It's impossible to choose just one Otik track, so I'm going to go with the title track from his most recent release, Cosmosis. This guy operates on another level; his productions are insanely good and so unique to him. They always take me to another place and I'm buzzing for his Drumsheds set.

'Hot Take' by Mia Koden

This tune has been ripping up dance floors all summer and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Whenever I play it, people lose their minds. It’s a proper low-end belter from one of dance music's most exciting artists right now.

'Hood Mentality' by Kessler

Kessler! Another aficionado of, 'The Banger'. His production style is so versatile, traversing bpms, feelings and genres and I can't wait to see this reflected in his set. This track, ‘Hood Mentality’, is a massive wobbler and an absolute staple.

'Birdy Bell' by SUCHI

SUCHI has been turning heads recently and for good reason. Her carefully crafted productions are big, chonky and drenched in flavour. Her recent track, ‘Birdy Bell’, is undoubtedly going to set Drumsheds on fire!

'Breathe' by Swoose

Fellow Irishman Swoose has fully nailed the beautiful balance of blissed out, joyous melodies and hefty drum work, which is shaping a new sound. His release on Feel My Bicep, 'Breathe', gives all the tingles.

'Melt!' by Kelly Lee Owens

It's been amazing to watch Kelly Lee Owens' meteoric rise in music. Her productions are so wide-ranging. There's something for everyone, from gorgeously genteel songs to club bangers like this bonafide classic, 'Melt!'.

Vortex 164 by Special Request (Sully Remix)

Combining two more artists playing here – both Special Request and Sully are at the top of their game when it comes to speedy bangers. Their boundary-pushing productions tear up the dance and their sets are littered with plenty of VIPs and dubs, which makes them unmissable every time.

'Eva's Stoned' by Jay Carder

I had to squeeze in one of mine at the end! ‘Eva's Stoned’ was born after a friend sent me a nonsensical voice note and apologised for it. Two days and some chunky percussive drum work later, I had a fully-fledged dancefloor melter. I can't wait to give this a spin on the 8th!