Ahead of his four-track EP, sometimes i wonder, slated to release in April, producer-DJ JD. Reid selects us 10Trax currently in his rotation.

‘tkmeback’ by knxwledge

His catalogue is so big that I’m not sure a lot of people know that Knxwledge makes great house beats too. He has so much great music out there as it is and I like that when he steps out into other genres he always keeps it sounding authentically like him.

‘pinball’ by MIKE + tony seltzer

This beat is crazy and MIKE really slides on this one. This is the title track from their great joint project, I really enjoyed hearing MIKE on these instrumentals.

‘(my)Pleasure’ by Mndsgn + Liv.e

This whole album has been on repeat for me since it came out. For me this is like the perfect music to drive around to and this tune is one of my stand outs from the album.

‘I Want’ by Mk.gee

Mk.gee really built a world with the sound on this album. It feels familiar but at the same time not like anything else which is always a win for me. This tune is the one for the late night drive.

‘Problems’ by Floating Points

This has been a staple in my sets for a while now. It has the breaks and a big bassline on it but sonically it doesn’t feel like a lot of other club music which I think makes it stand out as special. It’s got a low-fi feel to it and that breakdown with the sample in the middle is sick.

‘DMT song’ by Flying Lotus + Thundercat

Taken from my favourite Flylo album. I didn’t know it was possible to go on as much of a journey in a song that’s 1:19 until I heard this. This song really takes me somewhere else every time.

‘Arla Fern’ by Overmono

I really appreciate the level of production on this one - it’s insane. It’s skippy, weighty and keeps shapeshifting as the tune goes on.

‘Nobody Betta’ by Surly + DJ Swisha

This one is fun to blend and sounds crazy on a big soundsystem. I guess it comes under footwork but it feels more like a wild sped up garage tune. I like the nod to neighbourhood that’s in there as well.

‘Ohio’ by Schoolboy Q + Freddie Gibbs

I’m happy Q is back, him and Freddie Gibbs killed this one. I love the way the songs keep transforming through the album, jumping between soul samples and some hard trap stuff. No skips on this album for me and this is one of my favourites on it.

‘Get Down’ by Cakedog

If you experienced Kush and OJ you will have a natural affinity to the sample in this but I love the way Cakedog flipped it. This tune is coming up to 10 years old now but still sounds in the future. There was something real special about the footwork tunes at this time.

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