• Words
  • Photography James PDF
  • Creative Assistant Georgia Haynes
  • Stylist Mandeep Masi (Disciples by Design)
  • Hair and Makeup Banan

Jennifer Loveless selects 10 of her favourite tracks in honour of new EP ‘Around The World'. Dive in!

"Bail-E + Milkshake (Aroop Roy Brukup)" by Mr Ho. Mogwaa

"Was hearing the original of this everywhere. Laughed so hard when I saw that Aroop Roy did an edit with Kelis’ Milkshake."

"Night (DJ Florentino)" by Benga and Coki

"Like for many others, Night by Benga and Coki was a highly influential song when I was just getting into electronic music. DJ Florentino does an amazing flip. Big shout out to him! And them!"

"Yardmaster II" by Nice Girl ft. Eden Burns

"A sick track from a sick collab from our Aoteora neighbours from across the pond."

"Chicago" by Marcellus Pittman

"An oldie but a goodie! Recently came across this track again. I’ve always had an affinity for percussive tracks as well as tracks that take down the energy but maintain. If I think back, this track was definitely one of the first of those tracks that checked those boxes in my arsenal."

"Hot Gossip" by Regularfantasy

"I’ve been putting this in every mix and playlist since I’ve heard it. Probably my favourite track of the year."

"Lunchbox Music" by Gene on Earth

"Good ol’ fashioned house track that has equal parts lightness and perpetual drive throughout that I look for."

"Livin’ the (Good Life)" by DJ Assault

"Feel good track for the come up (or down)."

"Deekpaz" by Menina 2.0

"From the Brazilian duo, Deekpaz. One of my fave edits over the last few years."

"Selfish" by Slum Village

"Another oldie that’s resurfaced for me lately."

"Delirio (DJ Python)" by Bitter Babe & Nick Leon

"Something a bit slower that I’ve been enjoying lately. I’m a huge fan of whatever DJ Python touches and this is no different!"

Stream Jennifer's new EP, "Around The World", below: