The talent spotter, general manager of Link Up TV and CEO of Hardest Bars shares 10 of his top freestyle tracks with Notion.

In 2011, Joey Clipstar founded Hardest Bars, still the number one hotspot for seeking out urban music talent. The now 29-year-old moved swiftly on to Link Up TV, climbing up the ranks and becoming a driving force on Behind Bars, a music show which has met infinite praise.


The South Londoner has worked with the likes of Drake, J Hus, Stormzy, Cadet, Fredo, Russ, and Stefflon Don, many of whom weren’t big on the scene when Joey found them. Now, they’re superstars. No wonder Joey’s built a name for himself as a tastemaker.


Now, Joey Clipstar’s third season of Hardest Bars Freestyles has lift-off. To usher in the season he has exclusively shared with Notion his pick of the best freestylers that have graced the show so far.


"The first ever HB freestyles we released and still holds a special place in my heart."

Little Torment

"First half of the freestyle is very therapeutic to me, cruising music."


"Villz actually paints a vivid picture with his words and gives a different perspective of street life."


"The ONLY HB Freestyle to be recorded perfectly in one take!"


"The complexity of the wordplay is amazing!"


"This is special because I felt this freestyle reminded people of how great she is, which then led her to great things in her life i.e.. a record deal and all."


"Lyrically I enjoyed this so much, especially the second beat puts a smile on my face lol."

Frenzo Harami

"This was the first HB Freestyle to have a skit/somebody external from the booth talking in the freestyle."


"I love the westside feel to this, along with Culps’s up north lingo - blends well."

#Block6 Tzgwala & Lucii

"I love the braveness of the costumes and references they refer to, which always gets people talking."