Joey XL's new EP release, 'XL's Room', tracks his musical and mental evolution. To celebrate he chooses us ten tracks around the theme of self-discovery.

"FEEL" by Kendrick Lamar

"Vulnerability – this song reminds me that the core of existence is one’s ability to feel. Without feeling we are empty vessels."

"Beg" by Leon Thomas, Elle Varner

"Openness – listening to this I remind myself that regardless of my inclination to close up and shut up, openness keeps me connected."

"Calligraphy" by Saba

"Purpose – clear purpose is key to moving through the world with intention and motivation – without it I am drifting."

"I Gotta Find Peace of Mind" by Ms Lauryn Hill

"Self-confidence – setbacks, naysayers and doubters are no match for the self-confident person."

"Law Of Averages" by Vince Staples

"Self-worth – somebody that has self-worth is not somebody you can finesse."

"Hope" by Arlo Parks

"Hope – hope is believing that tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday, and if it’s not, that there’s a good enough reason for it."

"Good Days" by SZA

"Gratitude – knowing that you are blessed just to be alive is truly something worth celebrating. This song reminds me to be thankful for all that I am and all that I have."

"Better Than I Imagined" by Robert Glasper, H.E.R

"Optimism – there is usually light in the darkest of places, but a person with true optimism in their heart can be the person to light that spark in the darkness."

"Proud Family" by Ghetts

"Loyalty – loyalty is everything to me. My people are where I come from, who I am, and where I am going."

"Own Pace" by Emil, A2

"Patience – it will come."

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