London queer club hero Joshua James selects 10trax ahead of upcoming UK LGBTQI+ festival, Body Movements.

Joshua James is a DJ and producer who spent the last eleven years working his way up through the London scene. Becoming a resident at Rinse FM, XOYO and underground queer party Savage, James has become a queer club hero. Teaming up with Erol Alken in 2019, he released his first single “Coarse” on Phantasy Sound, the artist has become a firm member of the Phantasy family since with a string of releases and remixes.


Due to play at UK LGBTQI+ festival, Body Movements, in Hackney later this year, the artist has selected 10trax to get any crowd going.

"Fist feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty (With Peaches Remix)" by Joshua James

"This is my most recent project and samples “Useless Man” and early 90’s electro punk track from the band Minty who’s lead singer was the legendary queer performance artist Leigh Bowery. The project has brought together three generations of queer talent, from the directors to the performers and my queer icon Peaches. Right now in the world queer bodies and art are being attacked from every direction and events like Body Movements and Little Gay Brother create a safe haven for this talent to express themselves and show off the queer excellence our scene has produced. Plus this record really slaps."

"Bodies of Water" by HAAi

"Not only is she a total legend but HAAi is one of the scenes most exciting producers. There is no other DJ on the planet that has taken me on a sonic journey like she can. Face melters from start to finish. This record is from her debut album which is due out on Mute Records pretty soon."

"Loose Tooth" by Elliot

"Elliot is one half of the incredible FAFF (check out their recent release… phwoar) and one of the founders of the super sick party Big Dyke Energy. They had one of the best stages at Body Movements last year and are seriously one to watch and this record is a beaut."

"Quivering In Time" by Eris Drew

"They literally need no introduction, the vibrations you get from watching Eris play is out of this world. The label they run with Octo Octa, T4T Luv Energy are putting out some incredible records and “Quivering In Time” is a personal fave."

"Lift Me Up" by Chrissy

"Every time Chrissy comes to town we have a gossipy catch up, they’re an encyclopaedia of dance music and a total joy. I’ve been a super fan of their productions and this album on Sherelle’s Hoover Sound imprint is sick. I haven’t stopped playing “Lift Me Up’ since they sent it to me last year."

"Gentle Romance" by Saoirse

"Another total scene legend and co creator of Body Movements just released their second E.P. on their own Trust Recordings label and this one’s a belter. Also I watched them tear up Homobloc last year and they’re one you’ve got to see!"

"Rubb It In (FRD Subtopia Remix)" by Fierce Ruling Diva

"Whenever I play for Little Gay Brother there’s such an insane energy you get from the dancers and the crowd that makes you want to play pumpers like this. Both versions are SICK, stone cold classic to make the queers sweat."

"Get Down" by 2 Direct

"Gnarly diva house that does exactly what you need it to do on a dance floor. Proper record this."

"Do Watcha Do (Hyper Go Go Club Mix)" by Hyper Go Go feat Adeva

"I’ve been seen lip-synching to this record at nearly every set I’ve played for the last few months, this is is 6 minutes and 59 seconds of perfection. Full euphoria."

"According to Jacqueline" by Josh Caffe

"My label sister over on Phantasy, Josh Caffe is a proper one! This is a proper camp pumper and a really delivers!!!"